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  1. The funny part is when it's so strange that we avoid using Google translation, but it's accurate!
  2. Add to this foreigners using their own ‘brian’ to translate — sometimes litterally — what they've got in mind... or other apps nomenclature... And if I should refer to the bad french translation of different elements of the app or on the Affinity site, I can assure you nobody will understand if we translate back the translation 😂
  3. Thanks, I completely forget about tickets and such, now it's understandable.
  4. Hu!... I'm just drinking my first coffee, but I think I read your posts twice. Is there a bug in the forum?
  5. Can you test like in the Desktop version a Tool style reset with such button:
  6. I wan table to stay as they are, and cells to stop resizing depending of content. It's particulary annonying with the merge feature, when colums' names are longer than content, since they are descriptive, and the result, even while using "new style from seletion" in the table style/format panel, is done from an adjusted table. I don't want spending hours adjusting cells padding, I only want cells' heigth to stay as they are.
  7. It would be nice to be able to copy and paste a table with specific style from one document to another. The option "create format from selection" isn't optimum.
  8. Why is ther less opttion for border in the Table Style panel than in the Table panel ? It means we can only style tables with round corners, and they're certainly not favorite…
  9. It would be something like this… board_to_merge.afpub players.csv
  10. Strangely, how can you work with other UI colours than black, white and neutral grey? I usually need neutral colours around (in the interface, at least), or I'll compensate adding the complementary colours in my document
  11. If you're working alone that's easier for sure, but even this way, sometimes you can't remember some simple work done one or 2 years before... unless you open it, so with which app...
  12. Hi @Sean P Thanks for your answer and don't worry, I'm a little bit occupied too and was afraid I had missed your post... Effectively, I had the "Copy items as SVG" option enabled, and the first issue disappear without. I'll add the files in your drop box next.
  13. If we love to organise in different folders as explained, needing to add more folders would be annoying, when we already have some for fonts, links, originals, PDF, PDF for print... Another point: lot of people, and me either sometimes (:D) can only see what's under our nose... and don't wan't of forget to search in differents subfolders... it's also easier to have a general view of files and possibilities when everything is together than in subfolders. I suppose I'm not the only one to create some file because it's missing, and it's only when I want to save it that I discover the folder in which suchfile already exist... or the already existing file that I didn't notice for whatever reasons... mostly being in a hurry
  14. There are limits to Affinity templates, and I don't use them because: you can't distinguish if it's made with AP/AD/APub, but the distinctive features of each app means you don't want to open APub files in AP, for example... you'll have to add prefixes or suffixes to your files' names when extensions are made for this and should suffice, each time you open a template (or an older file in a new version), you'll loose the original name of the file, and you'll have to write it again or go back to the folder and copy it, before saving with the necessary changes in the name (usually about date)... I find this particulary annoying when needing to use the exact same nomenclature, or needing to keep a specific identifier for client when I can't know each identifier of all clients... I'd rather have "SAME_NAME_AS_ORIGINAL_[copy] or similar as new name for those files, it's faster to put all the templates in a folder, or your app will be longer to display the panel, since it's scanning all the specified file tree in search of each template files... In a professionnal environment, you can't do this, but usually use complexe file tree to organise your files by types, clients, specific works, etc. Add to this different servers for archives that need to be available, etc. and the template panel is of no use. You can do without, but there's an interesting item in the Template panel: the preview. Having this preview and a classical file tree in the Open and in the tTemplate panels would have been better IMO. Of course, the best is to use them and get your own opinion
  15. If you're using APublisher, you can use search and replace with a regular expression to avoid 500+ clicks/paste or whatever manual solution you're currently using. For now, there is no GREP to do it inside a paragraph style, but perhaps one day
  16. Since I have access to such a Pitstop server, I tested 's @Lagarto files, and here are the reports (they failed by lack of bleed area, and because the ICC profile ISO v2 300% isn't the one recommanded by GWG.org). Pitstop is set to correct minor errors and to refuse non-X-1a:2001 files (errors occuring i the last days while checking provided files,which make me think about this thread, and test the files). If possible, I'll ask why not accept X-1a: 2003, but they won't modify Pitstop's profiles, since the huge machinery is set like this, and proved to be errorless (if this word exists ). (With huge publications, you don't change settings on a whim, and you 'd rather have clients sending compliant files, than having to refund them if the colours are wrong or something else). From what I read here and there, other companies do the same. Adding those options to Affinity apps can only be good. TEST_original_pdfx1a_2003_report.pdf TEST_converti_pdfx1a_2001_by_AdobeAcrobat_report.pdf TEST_converti_pdfx1a_2001_by_PDFX_report.pdf @Lagarto strangely your original file didn't get the expected error (cf. example with another file below)...
  17. Some companies ask files with specifications, and for example, they won't be approved until they meet the requirements. It means that clients should pay to convert their files or buy an app. For big clients, it's not a problem, but for creators that try to provide the correct files and to give good vibe with fine work and look professional, it's certainly a problem when they're asked to modify xxx export parameters in their files. Another important improvement to the Affinity apps would be to be able to import/read .joboptions* files (they contain readable data but some comments in some languages). Clients are usually provided specifications, and a link to an archive containing an ICC profile, a joboptions file and instructions to install them for ID). *joboptions: contains informations to create a PDF preset ready to export your files once the ICC profile is installed. X-1a_ICV2_300_papier_couche.joboptions
  18. Ah yes! I was just coming back to tell this. (I previously launched AP to check the version on the splash screen, posted, and now, I wanted to close it and just noticed the option to download the 1.9 version )
  19. Hi @Paul Ka Actually, the regular versions exist only in 1.8, but you can test the Bêta versions that are in 1.9.x stage:
  20. Another bug: images previously added to the file, that looked black & white, now have a greyish background
  21. Hi @Sean P I can't put them online, can you profide a link to upload them?
  22. In september I worked on a document. At some point, to get a more responsive document, I duplicated the document and deleted some artboards to work only on part of them. Today, I need to reunite them. It sound easy: emptying some artboards of the first document, copying and pasting the contents of artboards of the second document. The result is a joke: I can import the second file in the first one, but it's not the same, and this bug is annoying.
  23. Perhaps you need to export at a larger size and sharpen it when resizing to the exact size. About the font, it nice, but difficult to read and poorly kerned (?). For it to look nice and readable, you would need to redraw each character depending of the adjacent ones... I"'m sure you can find another one in the same spirit, but more readable. (This one make me think of the one used in the game Diablo, for the name, and using a modified Copperplate for long texts.)
  24. I don't mind the splash screens if they're polite enough to stay in the back, and don't pop-up to get the focus and mess things I'm writing and doing like a dog in a bowling game!
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