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  1. No problem at all. I'm glad you find it useful.
  2. Hi @Jon P I hadn't adjusted any of those settings, so it was on the defaults. In this case, Metal. @Old Bruce By 'tearing' I was referring to 'screen tearing' as the gaming community uses the term. It's where the graphic card can't keep up with the changes requested by the app (game) and you see part or all of the screen distort and warp, looking a bit like a piece of paper being ripped. You also see it when fast-forwarding video. My guess (and it was only a guess) was that it was the number of fonts/styles in use rather than the number of pages that was causing my GPU to lose the plot. *If* that's true, then substituting all the fonts would have removed the issue. I didn't use a script to generate it, although that would have been faster. It was just endless cut-and-paste and then change a couple things on each page.
  3. See attached. I'll be interested to hear what you see. Worst case scenario, it only happens on my machine. Which sounds like an excellent excuse to upgrade... 2_-_Fonts_A-Z.afpub
  4. I'm using on Mojave 10.14.4 on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) I decided to 'stress test' Publisher, so I created a 'type specimen' book for the typefaces I use. It's a few hundred pages, with a separate font/style on each page (e.g. page 20 is Baskerville Regular, page 21 is Baskerville Italic, and so on). Each page shows a character map for the basic keyboard glyphs plus a couple paragraphs of 'Lorem ipsum" so I can see the colour of text set in that font. I created it several weeks ago in an older beta. Once I got beyond a certain page count the scrolling became very jittery, with lots of screen tearing. When I try to scroll a long way through the document Publisher takes a couple of seconds to catch up. It's never locked-up or crashed--which is kind of remarkable for a beta, given what I was asking it to do--but the problem is still occurring in the latest beta, so I thought I'd mention it. [Granted, almost no one is going to try to stuff all the variants of 90+ typefaces into a single document, so this is probably an edge case. And, although my machine is (was) a high-end model with a separate graphics card, it is also five years old. My hardware may be part of the problem. I don't think it's entirely the hardware, though. I don't use it for, say, 4K video editing, but it works fine for everything short of that.]

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