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    GT70 got a reaction from Jowday in Isometric studio is helpful, but when do we get a real free transform tool in Designer ?!   
    You're absolutely right. This software promises a lot but then has its legs cut off because there are several things missing to make it really a great softawre to the point that many of us have to go back to using Adobe Illustrator if we need to work with the free transform tool.
    I think it's really absurd not to listen to what users have been asking for for a long time as they support you and encourage you to improve more and more.
    Honestly, I'm not interested in iPad versions (which I bought) or versions for publication (like InDesign).
    I have the impression that they waste of effort and creates a lot of software that is not 100% complete. I think they should first complete one and then switch to the other.
    So I add myself to the appeal: when will you insert this blessed function?
    Or is the alternative back to Illustrator?
    Sorry for my bad english