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  1. Good morning guys, I need urgent help because I have to print a table calendar and some compositions between images are lost when I export in PDF. What am I wrong about? Thank you
  2. Anyway there is a way to create a PDF FOR PRINT with gradient mask for you?
  3. I have seen that if I choose PDF FOR PRINT, I get this problem. If I use PDF FOR SHARING/EXPORTING (sorry my version of AD is in italian) the problem do not created...
  4. You're absolutely right. This software promises a lot but then has its legs cut off because there are several things missing to make it really a great softawre to the point that many of us have to go back to using Adobe Illustrator if we need to work with the free transform tool. I think it's really absurd not to listen to what users have been asking for for a long time as they support you and encourage you to improve more and more. Honestly, I'm not interested in iPad versions (which I bought) or versions for publication (like InDesign). I have the impression that they waste of effort and creates a lot of software that is not 100% complete. I think they should first complete one and then switch to the other. So I add myself to the appeal: when will you insert this blessed function? Or is the alternative back to Illustrator? Sorry for my bad english
  5. Hi Callum, thank you for feedback. In fact if I marry the image within the a new artboard in the project the problem seems to disappear...if that were the motivation I could get around the problem by going to create another art board and work there on the images. I'll enclose the settings of the final preferences.
  6. Hello to everyone. I'm working on a project where I need to contour some images. I use the eraser inside "persona pixel" but the image is not erased according to the type of eraser and brush used but it is erased presenting only big squares. If I open the same image on a new project, empty, then the operation is done correctly. The problem always occurs if there are other elements in the same project/page. If the same image is alone then all is ok. Another strange behaviour is this: if the work on the image I want to contour starts working on a new project and then I bring this image on the existing project (so with the other elements present) then I have no problem... OSX 10.13.6 OSX 10.13.4
  7. Good morning to everyone. I need create a calendar with numbers and initial letters to realize a calendar. Their position should be with numbers above and days down insert in two lines. Now the problems is that the initial letters are not able to align correct with numbers. If infact I write in the frist line the numbers and then in the second line the letters, these last lost alignment with numbers. Any suggestions? I don’t want create every block of day and numbers manually...
  8. Thank very much to all...I believe that the Reglico method is more intuitive for me. I don't understand very well english dear gdenby and I have several difficult to understand mean of your suggestion. Then my Affinity Designer is in italian languagge so I don't know, for example, if you "call" some tool that I am not able to find because in italian have another name... You speak about widget and grid? You want tell me that Designer have a GRID TOOL? If it is so, then the problem i very esay to solve. With grid should be easy create a calendar with days and dates...
  9. Thank you GabrielM, you write right! Here my file. Thanks! sample.afdesign
  10. Good morning to all, I'm a little worried because I saw that the measurements set on the software do not coincide with the printing. I'm making the covers of some dvd cases and their cover are 15cm wide in length with 12cm high. When printed, the measurements are different (a few millimeters less). I checked the printer and it is set to 100% printing. What am I doing wrong? Is there any option I should check? Thanks to all Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  11. I'll try to print on another printer...thank you very much!
  12. I believe that the problem is on printer...I print on a "net printer" and it seems don't print to 100%...even if I see a set on 100%
  13. Hello to everyone, I have an iussue with a text on curve. I'm writing "ZETA-CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT" but I see a "Z" letter always out of my path. I want it inside like other of them. I see a little triangle (green and red) inside but I have not understand how them work. Suggestion? Have you manual where I can study this function? Thanks Giovanni
  14. WOW!!! YOU ARE WIZARDS! I have solved it! Thank you very much!
  15. Good morning, for a few days I am not able to produce an SVG logo to send to Autodesk's Thinkercard platform to make a file that to be printed on a 3D printer. If I also make a simple form on Affinity Designer, SVG is not recognized. If I make the same shape but with Illustrator, this SVG is loaded correctly. What do you think is wrong? Tips?
  16. Well, thank you very much! Please have you a link for manual? I would like study it! Thanks
  17. Hello, I noticed that if I decrease the size of an illustration all effects, styles, lines and so on do not decrease their size properly. What can I do?
  18. I am very happy with this new update. I think that Affinity Designer is one of the best software for making graphics and in a short time will be able to reach the illustrious Illustrator (blazoned because currently used by most professionals). In any case, I can confess that these days I have concluded with Affinity Designer a work that for years has always been done with Adobe Illustrator: the calendar of an Italian government agency. Having said that, I am very disappointed that a tool for text deformation has not yet been inserted. I think this is a very important function for those who do graphics and illustration. I hope that this function can be undeclared as soon as possible, we miss it.
  19. Hello to everyone, a simple question: have I problem to create with Designer a book about 200 pages? What kind problem can I find? Can I use Designer like InDesign or similar app? Thanks
  20. Mhhh...thank to everyone. I have a mac so PagePlus is a bad alternative. I could pay for Serif, but do you know if I'll take a rebate in future Affinity Publisher? Thanks
  21. Mhhh, If I have understood: I create a unique table where I put in every single month (these are tables too). Here I put every guides and set position of every element. Then I cancel this "master board" and recreate single tables with mounth. Correct?