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  1. I think there is always a hint of sadism in the Affinity Designer guys...I lost a whole day figuring out how to export. Every time they make an update I'm afraid I'll never find what I know...maybe it would have been better to write "with background" and "without background"... Thank you very much, you saved my day. I'd buy you a coffee if I could! Consider it done! Thanks again!
  2. Guys, can someone explain me why I don't find on the PNG export options the possibility to save only the elements without the background? I remember that before there was the possibility to select the elements "with background" or "without background". Now I don't know what this option is called in the English version of Designer, but it seems to me that since the last update this possibility has been excluded. In fact, I can't find it and I don't know where it is now. I've also tried to set the background of the document with a transparent colour, but I always get a PNG without holes. An
  3. All right then. Thank you for your explanations and for all the help you have given me. The fact that no one is able to replicate the problem worries me, because I'm afraid that in a future job I might run into something similar. To avoid possible further problems in the future, do you have any tips for a better workflow? How would you have proceeded? I'm asking because maybe I made a mistake in the workmanship and the problem could recur with something else... Thanks!
  4. OK, I've put a black box underneath and the image is now exported correctly, so whatever the problem with this strange behaviour, there is a small solution. We certainly lose the possibility of background transparency. Out of curiosity I installed the beta and the problem still exists. In addition, the solution in the box below no longer works. In my opinion we should warn Affinity in figuring out what is going on in this file and fix it.
  5. CTRL=CONTROL (on OSX) and no...there has been no change. Same problem once I opened the file....desperate! Shall we give it a try? Would you like to save the file on your computer and send it back to me? Maybe there's something wrong with it? I'm starting to miss Illustrator...
  6. Yes, I disabled the lighting effects and was able to create an illustration without that problem. So I'm assuming something goes wrong when I add those circles to increase the slow of the image. What are the right keys to reset Designer on Mac? However consider that a new copy was installed on another mac and it gives me the same problem. I don't think it's a reset problem....
  7. OK, I've removed all the brightness effects and the various details relating to the light particles. It obviously seems to have taken its original soul, but now the rasterization is correct. In fact I put the two files in Affinity side by side, the original and the rasterized one. They are identical. I think the problem now is with the lighting effects obtained by adding other layers on top. The question is: why does it give an error to me and not to all the others?
  8. You are right! How can I get help if I keep the file secret? Like it was the last masterpiece! Here it is, available to everyone: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtP0_b3xr6dZhaA-wvrHZLhqjQw6hQ?e=Q6ZiCG I'll try to "disassemble" the illustration as you suggested and proceed step by step and see which parts give problems. @loukash No, I did not use the migration assistant. I usually prefer to do everything by hand. So Designer did not import the settings of the old mac. And that's exactly why I can't understand why it gives me the same error. Here is my colour profile... @BofG Than
  9. Ok, same problem with new Mac mini. I believe that there is something that go bad with my OS X... @Loukash I sent you file so you can try it on your Mac machine. Thanks!
  10. @loukash I try with new machine and if I get same problem I send you file. Anyway, as seen by my friend @BofG it is probably a system problem. Unfortunately my old Mac mini has been giving me problems for a few weeks now.
  11. @BofG I'm working on Mac mini with Catalina last version (previous OS X version). The problem could be this (the computer is from 2012, maybe there is something it doesn't like), Just a little while ago I got a Mac mini penultimate version. Time to install the OS and try it on the new machine. It did seem strange to me that I couldn't export!
  12. You have PM. Anyway those elements serve for the transparencies of the lights and to give an already strong colouring to the shades... You'll see inside project.
  13. ...damn...it neither don't change with tiff...in the view mode I see "pixel" mode 😓
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