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  1. Thank you very much my friend, with your help I discovered I have an outdated version of Photoshop. Your help has been invaluable. Thanks again!
  2. Ok, thank you for reply. I know...this is a forum for Affinity but I'm writing about a function of Affinity Designer: export PSD. The PSD tha AF create don't work in Protoshop. Only this. Maybe someone's already solved it. I'd like to know how. Thank you
  3. You must not open in Affinity Photo but in Photoshop...I need that file is read from PS... Photoshop open it, but not with separated layer (it is my problem!).
  4. Some time ago I had the same problem but I don't remember what steps I took to solve it. Anyway I'm trying to export the graphics of this UI to Photoshop to see the levels. Actually I have to make these graphics separately in an After Effects project, but if I can feed it to Photoshop AE will be able to see it too. What's wrong with this file? Thanks UI.psd
  5. It is certainly not a reward that can save a company from disappointment of its users. I don't think I'm asking for the Moon or are we all wrong? That Affinity is rewarded is fine, but I repeat, it must be interested in the requests of its users because if they exist it is thanks to those like us who have paid for their software. The day you add the features we need, we will all be very happy. At the moment we are not. Don't worry, I'm currently locked into Adobe which allows me to do things that Designer doesn't do at the moment. Then as you've already seen from other people's interventions here, new alternatives start to appear on the horizon and Affinity was once an alternative too... You'll see how pulling too much rope doesn't get you anywhere. Or maybe it just brings a prize...
  6. At the cost of basic functions that are missing? No, my friend, that's not going far. I repeat, if you don't listen to the users, you're not going anywhere... This post was opened on the 21st of February, 2018. In about 5 weeks it will be 2 years since the request for a tool for distortion, perspective and warp. Two years my friend are GEOLOGICAL ERE in the computer field. 2 years, not 1 month! Shameful. The great thing is that no one from Affinty puts his face here to tell us what's what. As far as I'm concerned, if this is the treatment, I don't buy their products anymore.
  7. We didn't tell him to make 3 different software, to go on Mac and Windows and also on iPad. The desire to expand has to be faced with its own strengths. If they have 5 programmers, it's useless to jump on several fronts without completing important functions. First you complete a product and then move on to another product. Where is the sense in creating so many incomplete products? We are here to support them and we could buy all the products they make but there is a parameter called "SATISFACTION" and "CUSTOMER ATTENTION". If you' re asked to create a function, Affinity team have to stop eating and do everything to create that function (the other one is basic). Instead they do not consider you at all and so the answer is that people like me will not continue to buy their products because they are afraid to buy other incomplete products...
  8. Find new solutions out there, all right. But I think that "running away" to other products is a defeat for everyone, starting from Affinity that continues, despite our complaints, to do nothing. For my part the result is not having bought Affinity Publisher and not having bought Affinity Photo even with the discount.
  9. I didn't understand one thing though. You sent me a file where there is no table below. How did you do that? Don't you always have to create a table to work with?
  10. Okay, I see what you're saying. Then I have to structure my work in this way...thanks
  11. Good morning, I'm doing a job and trying to export to PSD format. The printer has to work this file for a printer that makes embossed prints and wants the PSD to be level and not have a single level. I'm trying to export in all ways but I always get a PSD with 1 level only. It's a bug or Affinity can't export with different layers? Thanks
  12. Sorry, I have the Italian version so I have no idea how to call the elements on the screen. In any case I'm building a calendar page and I've inserted every month in it. So I created a month for each work table and then I gathered all the work tables to organize the calendar inside a same page but I saw that Designer becomes unstable and I see a very low quality of graphics. Is this a bug? I hope that the image can help you to better understand my problem. Thank you
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