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  1. Good morning, I'm doing a job and trying to export to PSD format. The printer has to work this file for a printer that makes embossed prints and wants the PSD to be level and not have a single level. I'm trying to export in all ways but I always get a PSD with 1 level only. It's a bug or Affinity can't export with different layers? Thanks
  2. Sorry, I have the Italian version so I have no idea how to call the elements on the screen. In any case I'm building a calendar page and I've inserted every month in it. So I created a month for each work table and then I gathered all the work tables to organize the calendar inside a same page but I saw that Designer becomes unstable and I see a very low quality of graphics. Is this a bug? I hope that the image can help you to better understand my problem. Thank you
  3. My friend, there are some features that must already exist in version 0.1. I wrote it above: some things, such as the deformation of objects, ARE NOT options or features to be implemented in the future to satisfy the whims of users but of TOOLS THAT MUST BE EXISTED already in the very first versions. All vector graphics software provides for distortion of text and graphics. Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape, Xara...now I can't think of any more but everyone has this tool. Affinity can create all the software they want but the clear thing here right now is that there are a lot of people asking for this feature and Affinity pretends to be deaf. Now tell me why I should buy more of their Affinity software if they don't meet some of the essentials. And then, in Affinity's projects, is Designer for iPad part of the 3 things that need to work or was it created to take more money from users? I'm very angry that a company that takes my money doesn't listen to me about the things I need as a designer. I repeat, all this is absurd...
  4. I've read your posts. I understand your opinions and the difficulties that a company may have in carrying out its products. In my home, however, it works that first you do a job and you finish it and then you devote yourself to something else. I believe that Affinity has decided to carry out many projects without making them totally complete. Why not just focus on one product, finish it and then move on to something else? All vector graphics programs have transformation tools. The fact that Affinity Designer doesn't have one is not an option but a shortcoming! I understand if you ask for special features but that of distortion is something essential. I can't buy Affinity Photo just because it's not possible to deform graphic objects on Designer! And among other things, the deformation on Affinity Photo has a loss of quality due to the fact that it is a software that works on the bitmap and not on the vectors. The discontent generated on this matter is that I didn't buy Publisher or Affinity Photo because I don't feel respected as a user. And I think that many people think like me. Not adding this feature will cause many people to decide not to follow Affinity anymore... Affinity you are warned... Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  5. ...and in any case I still think it's really absurd that tools of this kind are not in Affinity Designer. I think it's a fundamental function to abandon Adobe products for good. Instead of creating other programs such as porting to the iPad or a new software like InDesign, why not fix what users have been asking for some time? Let's be clear... as a user I don't feel guaranteed. I won't buy other Affinity software until I'm sure I'm supported in my needs. At the moment the purchase of Affinity Designer will remain a random case...
  6. Where I can get that software for mac? Your solution could be a valide alternative to wait that adds!
  7. ...and I have not idea because that happened...sorry for stupid question...
  8. Very very thanks guys! I had "studio" disabled... :O
  9. In fact it is not a tool but a window that manages the spaces of the text (sorry I have the Italian version and I do not know what it is called). There is, in the workspace, a window where I can manage the space between the letters, the lines of a text and so on, but I can not find it. Among other things if I press on the buttons "carattere" (I think that in English is CHARACTER) and "paragrafo" (I think that in English is PARAGRAPH) nothing happens ... Ideas? Thank you Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  10. Anyway there is a way to create a PDF FOR PRINT with gradient mask for you?
  11. I have seen that if I choose PDF FOR PRINT, I get this problem. If I use PDF FOR SHARING/EXPORTING (sorry my version of AD is in italian) the problem do not created...

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