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  1. I use live filters because its non destructive. Because you cant add them in Designer I shift to Photo to add them. Because it happend in Photo, I reported it here. Because the shadow effect is limited, I can make a custom shape with the help of the blur effects in Photo. The workaround was grouping the objest and changeing the opacity. Usualy a simple group layer saves me from bigs and glitches. 

  2. I noticed that when using master pages, some things are blocked although they should editable.

    In text frame when you make an anchor it can not be deleted. When clicking on the trash can, the function is ignored.

    Same with tints. You cant use the function.

    But when you go in Detached mode in layers, it is than possible to do the things.

    This is what i found, but could be more of them.



    Amchur :




    Master Edit Detached:



  3. 6 hours ago, Gabe said:

    Hi @Rondem,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. 

    Yes and no. You could have a master page (say left spread for DE, right spread for EN) and only place the DE columns on one, and the EN columns on the other. Buuuut, the problem is you gonna have "empty" left/right spreads where you won't have the data. So you would end up with a lot of manual clean up. However, there is bug that prevents you from doing so (those empty rows will duplicate the next value)

    It would be much easier to just split the list in 3 sections. DE only, EN only, and a mixture. This way you will have everything as you need it, without having to manual clean the result. 

    Thx for reply. I thought it was dificult way to do it in one shot. 

    Maby just a thought. What if there was an option to not add objects/fields that are empty in the generated document. 

  4. Is it possible to use 2 Master pages in same Generate file from data merge.

    I'll try to explain.

    I have a list of awards in 2 languages. Some people get it in two languages but most of them have only one. The two awards have a different layout because of the language.

    I know i can add all elements in one master page, but when generated the empty fields are left inside from the language that is not needed. And i know i could make two separate files.

    So what I'm trying to say, can I somehow have two master pages, one for English and the other for lets say German layout. 


    I'm just trying to figure out the limit of Data Merge. 


    Am attaching an Excel file of the list to show what i mean. List.xlsx




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