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    I've been using Serif software since 2007 - mainly WebPlus and DrawPlus but now Affinity!
  1. +1 for a Mesh Warp Tool in Designer! :)
  2. Thanks guys for the suggestions. Carl, your method seems to be the simplest. Cheers!
  3. Hi guys, I'm using Affinity Photo for Windows and can't seem to find how to adjust the direction of a gradient stroke added to text, all I'm presented with is the attached? The Fill isn't a problem as that's controlled by clicking the Gradient icon. Thanks in advance Neil
  4. Neil

    Enemy Mine

    That sky is amazing! Nice work :)
  5. Neil

    Dribbble accounts

    You're welcome! No doubt, once you start posting you'll have a ton of followers wanting to see more awesome work! :)
  6. Neil

    Dribbble accounts

    Love your Neon IU, Deborah. I've just drafted you. Enjoy! :)
  7. Neil

    Dribbble accounts

    Amazing work, Nadia... consider yourself drafted. Have fun over there :)
  8. Neil

    Dribbble accounts

    Just realised I've got 2 Dribbble invites if anyone wants them! Just post some of your work or links to your work to be in the running :)
  9. Neil

    Introduce Yourself

    Thanks Matt, just getting used to the Mac, it feels quite intuitive so don't think it'll take long... then to Affinity and beyond! :)
  10. Neil

    Christmas Card Series

    Great series, David, I'll look forward to seeing more :)
  11. Neil

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi Folks, I'm Neil, a long time Serif software user... I've recently ordered a Mac (having been used to Windows) and it arrives today between 4 and 5 :) Once I've figured out how to turn it on I shall be grabbing myself a copy of Affinity! From the reviews I've been reading Matt and the rest of the team have created something awesome! I've been needing an excuse to spend more time doing illustrations so this will be perfect... looking forward to getting my teeth into it :) See you in the forums!
  12. Neil

    Dribbble accounts

    Sorry guys, I'm all out of invites :(
  13. Neil

    Dribbble accounts

    Hi Ronnie, thanks for the welcome, I've just drafted you ;) And you too ZVK... Enjoy! :) I'm all out of invites now.
  14. Neil

    Dribbble accounts

    No worries, have fun over there! :)
  15. Neil

    Dribbble accounts

    Hey Boban, That's a great style you've got going on there! I'd be happy to draft you :)

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