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  1. @hitesherger Not possible, I think. But you can insert a rounded box (by the appropriate tool), that you can easily transform to circle, then convert it to Box text (contextual menu). It is perhaps not what you want but it is a workaround.
  2. In Open Office, save your document as Microsoft Word document (docx). Then Affinity is able to import docx.
  3. First is created by InDesign. Then I placed it in AfPub. Finally I exported from AfPub (2nd picture) I don't own font (so it is not installed) which is used in InDesign. Perhaps it is the reason why AfPub converts it in Arial ? See also that the word "texte" is correctly treated, perhaps because it contains strokes, and then it is recognised bt AfPub as a graphical object instead of font test.pdf testAP.pdf Sorry, I don't know how to display the pictures.
  4. I saw same problem, under Publisher 1.8.2 / Windows with some pdf, not all of them. Yet the pdf were all created by Adobe InDesign, so I presume it was perfect.
  5. Bingo Wosven. C'est cela même. It is exactly what I wanted. Just a little issue : items on master page are not rescaled.
  6. When I double click, the original A3 doc is opened, and then I can edit it. But what I want is to be able to edit A4 doc, and leave original A3 unchanged. I just found a half-solution : 1) Create new Af A4 file 2) File > Doc configuration > Prefer integrate images 3) Import Af A3 doc 4) Double click in imported A3, which opens a window untitled "Integrate" 5) Edit it, and close window It would be simpler if imported doc becomes, in the target, a scaled true AfPub doc, then normally editable. Anyway, thanks Lagarto
  7. Lagarto : when I import an A3 doc, it is imported as a single linked object. So I cannot edit that object. How can I do to be able to edit imported document ? I know it is not CMA's wish who wants just export as A4 PDF. So I have a different needing.
  8. Hi BDeschênes Your wish has been already asked several times see here but Affinity/Serif says nothing about it. 😥
  9. I presume that you know that : if your text is in one article, Ctrl-A selects the whole text through all text frames. So, why are your 40+ paragraphs in several articles ? You have surely a good reason. But, yes, here also, all line breaks are removed and replaces by an other separator, that I have to search/replace in my text editor. Il would be useful to have that feature of text export in AfPub. And of course in other rich formats as rtf or so.
  10. Hi all Yes, I can confirm in APub 1.82.620.
  11. quotation mark Yes, it should be automatic, otherwise we have to add them manually. And it would be still better if they were inserted when importing text.
  12. Not practical but not completely impractical neither. See dominik's workaround below. I checked it. Here it works. But, yes, column span would be a very practical feature.
  13. You have perhaps checked the case "Change straight quotes to typographic quotes" in Preferences/Auto-correct options. Uncheck it and see.
  14. No, not specific tool. As soon as you are in a bulleted list or a numbered title, LibreOffice displays a toolbar with all tools to move up/down the current item, with or without subitems. Check a list having paragraph style=bullet 1, or some titles having paragraph style=Title 1|2|... For titles, you have also to apply numbering of titles.
  15. Good work, Lagarto. But I want just a shortcut key (or an icon tool) to move a numbered paragraph up or down, including sub-items. Libreoffice has a tool to do that as soon as you are in a hierarchical or bulleted paragraph, MsWord also perhaps but I have not checked it.
  16. Thank you Lagarto But I don't want sort lines, but move them in any order (sorry, my exemple was not clear).. And copy/pasting towards or from Word/LibreOffice loses attributes. Even bullets are lost so, all the more reason, hierarchy is no more respected. I believe that there is no good trick for my wish. Inside Publisher there is no way, and outside result is not good.
  17. Hi all Is there (in Publisher) an easy way to move easily some paragraphs, particularly with lists ? For example I have this list : apples pears cherrys and I want to get apples cherrys pears Indeed lists can be larger. Of course I can select each paragraph with mouse then move them, but it is rather tedious to select a paragraph then move it exactly at the beginning of another paragraph. I'd want keyboard shortcut to do that. More : if I have lists with several levels, it would be better to move by one key one item and its sub-items. What do you think ?
  18. +1 Sure, it is also a very necessary feature.
  19. It is also important for me to have that feature...
  20. Yes. I do so. It is working rather well to be imported in aPub. But it is an additional thing to do. So for me it is not a priority.
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