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  1. Thanks Christoph. It is a very weird behavior. ID manages perfectly text frames in master pages and it is very useful. I hope official issue of APub will get that.
  2. Hello all, I am unable to create a master page containing a multi-column text frame (or even a single coulmn one). What do I do wrong ?
  3. To the Affinity range !! Good news : so AP, AD and APub will support scripting. I'm hurry to see that.
  4. Yes, count me also as requester for that feature : span title or any paragraph from 2 to all columns of the text frame.
  5. Same here. I add my voice to those demands. Sincerely
  6. Yesss ! Very impressive. Here, Shift + single click is sufficient to d the job. Thanks
  7. I hope so. I have not found the way to import a long doc (.doc) across multiple pages. I also had to link each text frame in every page. Too bad. Neither I was able to drag a doc file from Windows Explorer. Is it possible ?
  8. Hello Today I've just bought Affinity Designer. The french page (https://affinity.serif.com/fr/designer/) displays : Offre spéciale. Ancien prix 49,99 € - offre actuelle : seulement 39,99 € Though I had no choice, After I have entered my credit card numbers, I had to pay 49.99 € Now what can I hope ? Sorry for this first negative post, because Affinity Designer seems to be awesome !

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