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  1. Something I sadly didn't catch before this went to the printer's, but compare pages 105, 107, and 109. The colors differ widely. The same phenomenon happens throughout the document. Quick edit: I should have just exported the document once and copied the pages, but instead I exported the pages something like this: 1, 3, 1, 3, 1, 5, etc. I clicked through the final PDF, but didn't catch this until just now. dosecards.pdf
  2. This seems related to my issue with exporting. Namely, it renders segments of the image separately, which seems to end up printing in different shades/colors. This happens whenever I use the Add filter. IMG_6153.HEIC
  3. +1, my solution has been to always group everything on a page, so that if it does move, I can just move a single group rather than all of them at once. Also, if I don't group items, sometimes they appear waaaay off page (like ±1000p) after I've been moving pages around for a while.
  4. Sort of a weird bug that went away after I restarted my computer. I tried to export a few pages to PDF, but it kept exporting the first page rather than the ones I was selecting. Not sure exactly what happened, but that behavior is gone now.
  5. Hm. I like working with betas. Makes me feel like I'm contributing to the software I like. And these have, largely, been quite stable. That said, I've had many reflow issues moving from beta to beta. I, too, might take a pause for a moment until I finish my current project. (Unless cross-referencing is introduced, then I'll throw caution to the wind.)
  6. I've noticed that all of my tables that were well aligned in previous versions are no longer so in this version. Instead, tables stick up out of the text frame quite a bit. My workaround has been to align the table to the bottom of the text frame, but that only works if I don't want something else there. Thanks again for all your hard work!
  7. This isn't quite a problem, but I've noticed that my files vary quite a bit between saves. This is a screenshot of my dropbox, showing the range. Throughout these saves, I was mostly modifying text styles rather than doing large changes, so I can't imagine why the file sizes would vary this much.
  8. Glad to know I'm not insane. I wouldn't mind it being detached if a simple keyboard shortcut could summon the Text Frame panel at will. That might even be an easier fix. (Thanks again, developers! Big fan!)
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