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  1. I might want to tack on here: I also had problems with idml importing spreads as single pages and stripping hyperlinks of their information.
  2. For some reason, one aspect of a spread disappeared, so I opened an earlier version and realized that the objects were locked as if they were part of a master page (for some unknown reason). So, I detached them, copied the missing text frames, and pasted them on the new document, only for it to immediately crash. I've since found a workaround, I just wanted to log this.1
  3. This isn't quite a problem, but I've noticed that my files vary quite a bit between saves. This is a screenshot of my dropbox, showing the range. Throughout these saves, I was mostly modifying text styles rather than doing large changes, so I can't imagine why the file sizes would vary this much.
  4. Glad to know I'm not insane. I wouldn't mind it being detached if a simple keyboard shortcut could summon the Text Frame panel at will. That might even be an easier fix. (Thanks again, developers! Big fan!)
  5. Adding onto this: when dragging a group to create a permanent Asset, the text size changes drastically as well.
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