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  1. I've done a new one in the right forum, thanks but you can explain to me…
  2. Same controls (sub/superscript in "positioning and transform" & "typography") can be interesting when it works for all characters in the same way, but here... In French we say, by being polite: what a bag of knots! (by changing the font, it can be different, and with other characters, no test). In the attached example both "H" are a visual reference. Merci
  3. I just wanted to say that it is not easy to find tabs and especially its subcategories among the profusion of commands in some Studio panels ; colorize the texts as in my example (not necessarily with the colors proposed), would facilitate the search of the desired commands. Yes light mode has a better contrast but is too white for me and [préferences > user interface > artboard background grey level and Ui gamma] don't work, thanks for your answers !
  4. How can I move a topic from a forum to another one (bugs report)
  5. Is it possible to colorize the "Studio" tabs and sub-tabs for a better readability of the interface, for example… Est-il possible de coloriser les onglets et sous-onglets de "Studio" pour une meilleure lisibilité de l'interface, par exemple…
  6. Bonjour : quand la lettrine est suivie d'une petite capitale ou plus (usage conseillé en français), deux problèmes se posent avec de nombreuses polices : décalage vertical de la lettrine, nombre de lignes allouées à la lettrine, même quand une seule ligne est demandée. Merci
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