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  1. After some further tests I think in the end I have identified the culprit. This is the "Preferences> Auto-Correct> Support language quotes to typographic quotes" option as in the attached picture. thanks for the help
  2. It is independent of the font. I attached a small video. Of course I am pressing the apostrophe key all the time in the video Apostrophe2.mov
  3. When the Spelling is set on Italian (Character>Language>Spelling> Italian) and you press the apostrophe key in order to get the apostrophe (') character, you get wrongly the "»" character instead. So, if you try to write "L'amore al tempo del Coronavirus" you get "L»amore al tempo del Coronavirus" that's ridiculous. Again, it affects only when you try to type the apostrophe character, doesn't convert already typed apostrophes. Italian language has a lot of apostrophes, so, please, fix it.
  4. Thank you jjk, it helps but doesn't solve. But it helped me to find the problem: the issue starts when Character>Language>Spelling is set to Italian for the specific document. If I set it to 'none' the problem disappear (together with the spelling feature though). I think I'll go to the 'bugs' section to report it: you definitively don't want "l«amore" instead of "l'amore". Thank you so much for your help, somehow it pointed me in the right direction. bye
  5. Hi everyone, here's my problem: I'm working on a Publisher document and, while I work on this document and only on this document, when I press the apostrophe key to insert the apostrophe character (') I get the "«" (without quotes) character instead. Again, only in this Affinity Publisher document on my Mac. With other docs or applications everything is fine. Being Italian, I need a lot the apostrophe character. I am pretty sure i did something but really I have no idea on where to look. I started checking in Preferences>Abbreviations for all languages and in Preferences>Keybord Shortcuts even if these settings are global for all documents and, again I am having this problem ONLY in one (important) doc. Does a single doc have his own settings on keyboard shortcuts or text expander? Any other idea? Thank you for your help
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