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  1. Is it possible to apply a Decoration to a Character style instead of a Paragraph style ?
  2. is there any progress updates on a Data Flow / Data Merge tool for Publisher ?
  3. Great thanks, I must have missed this panel, I've never really look into it
  4. Is it possible to apply an automatic column break to a text style, so that each heading starts on a new column or frame? I want to avaid adding manual column breaks due the the number of sections
  5. Great, this would be a great future addition, and hope to see it included, as well as the ability to convert tabbed content to a table
  6. Is there a way of having a table continue on to 2 pages, I have a table structure that I would like to continue onto 2 pages, some of the row heights are quite high and need the content to continue wit the same column widths etc without managing as a separate table
  7. This might be something I have overlooked, but I've not been able to find it so far, maybe somebody can point me in the right direction. I'm looking to use a running title in the footer, similar to the page number, but based on the first title in a page/section/chapter, based on a paragraph style. This feature works well in InDeisgn, and I use heavily for brochure designs
  8. Not sure how possible this is, or how useful it might be to everybody else, however when I'm designing product brochures, typically use colour schemes to block each chapter, it would be good to have the ability in paragraph Styles to amend the colour or certain settings based on the master page that the the text is being used on
  9. rhyswoos


    Thanks been trying to reproduce the crash myself, it only seems to occur when the first column includes merged cells
  10. rhyswoos


    Thanks for pointing this out, I fount it eventually Will placing tables in text frames something that will be added? Also, not sure if its a bug, or not a feature to be added, but I'm unable to add a column before the current first column, and when deleting a column that has a merged cell, causes a crash
  11. Is it or could it be possible to insert a table within a text frame, ensure the table keeps it position within content of the document, only having a separate table means the table needs to be prepositions every time paragraph lengths etc change Also is it possible to rotate the text direction, ie I would like a table column text label to rotate vertically, and not need to use a separate text frame for the label
  12. The sample brochure doesn't seem to be available to me? I tried to download but nothing happens, I'm curious to see what affinity are able to achieve in a brochure
  13. Thanks I worked it out in the end, I assumed bleed would display by default, and didn't notice it needed to be turned on in the view
  14. I'm still not getting a bleed on my view with the latest update installed
  15. I Use a lot in InDesign, convert to text to table, if I copy from a spreadsheet, text can be converted to a table for styling

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