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  1. You can save gradients. From the help file… To save a colour or gradient to a palette: On the Swatches panel, select a palette from the palette pop-up menu. Do one of the following: right-click an object, then from the pop-up menu, click Add to>Swatches and choose to add colour from fill, stroke or both. Select Add current colour to palette.
  2. I don't have Photoshop for comparison, and am no Photo expert, but… Make a selection. Press V to switch to the move tool. You now have Rotation, Scale and Shear handles available.
  3. 1) A quick search of the forum will show numerous users reporting this for quite a while now. Here is an Affinity response…
  4. EIther the Pen tool or the Vector Brush Tool.
  5. @Tlmanty Use the Appearance panel… Draw your line and add your brush stroke. Add a 2nd stroke in the Appearance panel. Set the blend mode of the 2nd line to Erase.
  6. @brainwipe You can turn off bounding boxes while moving objects… Context toolbar of move tool > Hide selection whilst dragging
  7. No way to copy just 1. Instead… Copy the layer that has the fx. Paste fx onto your target layer. Turn off the fx that you do not require.
  8. Nope - sorry. Affinity uses right mouse as a modifier for various commands on PC. I hate it, as do many others! But not sure whether it will ever change. Doesn't matter if the context menu pops up, it should be to the side of the mouse, so just left click anyway.
  9. The Mac has 4 modifier buttons Vs 3 on the PC, so doesn't use the Right Mouse as a modifier.
  10. The current modifier to Convert to Smooth is Hold Right then Click Left. You shouldn't need to do it fast - just ignore the context menu if it pops up. However, I agree with you that it is clunky and awkward, and using Alt + Click to simply toggle between sharp and smooth would be preferable. Remember that all available modifiers are shown in the Status Bar.
  11. Since you are on Windows the shortcut uses Alt instead of Option. You can see all the available mouse modifiers in the status bar at the bottom of the Designer screen. Alt + Click on node = Convert to sharp node Hold Right Mouse and Left Click on node = Convert to smooth node Alt + Click on Handle = Remove handle Drag + Right mouse = Resize both handles
  12. You are correct. There will be a limit to how large the raster aspects can get before starting to look pixilated / blurry. In practice larger things are often viewed from further away - a wine bottle is held in the hand and viewed close up, but a banner might be seen from 10m away - so you often don't need the same clarity in both images. Perhaps work at a higher DPI than usual so that you are actually sizing down for the smaller items?
  13. For increased realism I think you need to ensure the chalk colour does not appear in the cracks and crevices between the paving slabs. Perhaps Blend Ranges could help here?
  14. Yes you can create images like the one shown. The simplest way is to draw your shapes, and then use the Fill Tool to add a bitmap fill (which is your pattern).
  15. Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Layer > Rasterize
  16. Hi Katie20, and welcome to the forum. Affinity doesn't yet have a vector pattern / vector fill tool. So you either have to make your nest your pattern inside the shape you want to fill - which is usually a bit cumbersome. Or you can draw something, export it as a bitmap, and then use the Bitmap Fill in the Fill Tool to create a repeating pattern. You might find these a useful starting point… https://affinityspotlight.com/article/create-repeat-patterns-with-a-live-pattern-preview-in-affinity-designer-for-ipad/
  17. Hard to visualize without a screenshot / video or recipe to follow. Does your circle have either a stroke or a fill? If not it is invisible, and will disappear as soon as you click away from it. But it would still appear in the Layers Panel.
  18. Designer has the Isometric Panel, which makes working with Planes very straight forward… But Photo doesn't have this feature, so you would have to do it manually using the correct SSR (scale, shear, rotate) values in the Transform Panel. I guess you could record 3 macros - 1 for each plane? Or pick up a copy of Designer (currently 50% off!) because being able to use the whole tool set directly on the Isometric grid is kinda cool https://affinityspotlight.com/article/how-to-use-the-new-isometric-drawing-tools-in-affinity-designer-17/
  19. Here's a thread about the Delete and keep curvature function…
  20. Short answer: No. Slightly longer answer: Sort of. There is a 'special' delete function that tries to preserve the shape of the curve, but it doesn't currently work very well. I don't think it will work for what you are trying to do.
  21. Switching to the correct default palette isn't working for me either.
  22. They way you are trying to select the Guide is incorrect… Don't drag a marquee over the Guide. Do place the Move Tool pointer over the Guide - it will change to a double arrow (see ~6 seconds into your video). If you now click and drag, the guide will move. Drag it off the page / artboard to delete it. You are correct, there is no right click menu on a Guide. -- As for the grid - I understand what is happening, but not why - A bug perhaps? It seems you have 2 grids - one set at a document level, and a second associated with your artboard. For some reason dragging with nothing selected, is confusing Designer into showing the Document grid, rather than the Artboard grid
  23. I quit the Huion widget: no change. I quit all other programs (only Designer running): behaviour changed slightly - Designer now tends to crash to desktop rather than freeze. I renamed the 1.0 folder: Undo works fine and Designer no longer crashes. (Zip file attached). Finally I undocked the Appearance Panel (so that it is floating): Designer now freezes or crashes to Desktop again. 1.0_Crashing_on_Undo_with_Mask.zip
  24. No. You can't make the panel pop up at the cursor. but… Why not use keyboard shortcuts? [ & ] to change brush size. Left and Right cursor keys to rotate brush nib. Or mouse modifier (which you could remap to your pen's button)? Mac: Control + Option + Left mouse PC: Control + Alt + Left and Right mouse Drag to change the size, up/down changes the hardness. Click to access spacing and flow. Click again to access Rotation. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/392453198
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