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  1. 2nd one on the top line uses this idea :)
  2. I thought that the file would reopen in AD.
  3. tl;dr Feature Request: If the file has not been save, AD / AP should prompt you to save before invoking a File > Edit in… action. Here's a not so fun little exercise… Start a new file in AD. Create some stuff (ideally spend a good hour making something really gorgeous). Important: Do not save your work! Now click File > Edit in Photo. AD kindly closes your file (without prompting you to save). AP now opens your (temporary) file. Now close AP. AP will warn you that the file is unsaved… BUT since you haven't actually made any changes in AP, you figure that there is nothing to save - right? Click 'No' and AP graciously closes the file. Now neither AD not AP have any record of the file ever existing, and your work is gone. OK - it is a rather convoluted example, and yes it is to some degree my fault, but I do think Affinity ought to try to save you from your own stupidity!
  4. AD doesn't currently have vector fills, so I don't think there is an equivalent.
  5. At present I think you'd have to be pretty organised and put all your roads into a single layer, then you can apply a stroke to the layer and it will affect everything contained within. The same for other objects that share formatting. This will be much easier when Affinity add the ability to select objects by their characteristics, and / or update styles.
  6. Would be nice to get a comment from Affinity as to whether this will make it into Designer, or become a Publisher only feature?
  7. This was discussed before... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/25846-packaging3d-mockups/ Hope it helps :)
  8. Aammppaa

    3 in 1 [but not apps]

    I agree that this would be a nice option - it can be a bit of a pain repeatedly jumping between the 3 tabs.
  9. In addition to MEB's point above... you can always hold the spacebar to hide the handles.
  10. Aammppaa

    Summer Evenings...

    Looks nice - you may have gone a bit far on the jpg compression though! Looks rather granular :)
  11. Aammppaa

    Print Gird

    AD doesn't have the option to print the grid at present. This feature has been requested before… https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27927-print-grid/?hl=%2Bprint+%2Bgrid I suggest you add your support for this idea --^ I the mean time, you could draw a grid of your own, using the power duplicate feature this should be fairly straight forward. Or try something like this… https://www.printablepaper.net/category/isometric_graph
  12. That was my work around. But it is not elegant.
  13. Aammppaa

    [AD] Mirror Tool

    Ah - OK. That is clear now.
  14. I'd suggest... Make the arrow how you want it, then create an asset. Now when you need a single ended, red arrow, just grab it from your assets panel, and resize / reposition as required. There may be other ways.
  15. +1 As I have found myself desperate to invert a vector mask in AD several times.
  16. Came across this today - I too would benefit from some refinement to the rasterize action… Would like to have the option to Rasterize multiple objects to a single pixel layer or individual layers. Sometimes it is not practical to group a series of objects, which would allow the current work around. I also notice that a Vector Layer, can't be Rasterized, but a group can… why not? Also an option to keep the original vector objects, and create a Rasterized copy. Finally, some insight or control into the format use for the Rasterized image - what DPI is used? Can I override this? Perhaps I am hoping for too much from this function and should instead be using the Export Persona, then Placing the results back into my file. I am coming to AD from Xara Designer which does support many of the requests above. Thanks.
  17. Aammppaa

    [AD] Mirror Tool

    Perhaps I am not fully understanding the question... but if you want to create a mirrored, duplicate of an object, that remains editable (so that changing the original also updates the mirrored copy) then you can do so with Symbols. Make the original object into a Symbol Drag a new instance of the Symbol onto the page Flip it (horizontally / vertically) and align so that the axis of reflection lies between the two Symbols Now you have a live mirror, where changes are reflected across to the other side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdT6IgtAgBE
  18. Couldn't agree more - they are so indistinct, similar and tiny - some of the worst icons I've come across!
  19. Sounds like two different requests to me… 1. Set the origin point (and direction of the axis) 2. Physically move the rulers onto the page / artboard
  20. Thanks. Note that it is also changing the brush tip, without me asking for the change. I set a plain line (no pressure profile, no brush tip) and then when switching Personas a brush tip is applied.
  21. Aammppaa

    Reset Rotation Center

    I concur - a double click should be enough whether the rotation center is inside or outside the shape.
  22. Had this happen once before, but was unable to capture proof! I grab hold of a node, and drag to reposition it, but the node shoots off in the opposite direction! Only horizontal movement is reversed, vertical is not mirrored, but seems affected by a scaling factor... i.e the node moves further than the mouse pointer. What is going on!?!? The problem corrected itself when I tried to cut and paste the curve into a new file, to submit it for analysis.
  23. Personally I prefer the duplication method used by Xara Designer - using the right mouse button. Right click + drag - creates a single copy. Right click + drag + left click(s) - creates a copy every time the left button is clicked. Right click + rotate - creates a single rotated copy. Right click + rotate + left click(s) - creates a rotated copy every time the left button is clicked. It is quick, versatile and elegant. Can be done with one hand and without the need to remember which modifier key(s) you need to press!
  24. Aammppaa

    Reset Rotation Center

    @JimmyJack Alt + Double Click seems to work (Windows) As you say the help text (status bar and help file) is incorrect.
  25. Aammppaa

    Reset Rotation Center

    This bug still seems to be occurring... trying to double click the rotation center (with the move tool) and it is not resetting.