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  1. So if I use vector inking brushes and want to erase something there is no way to do that without deleting strokes manually or rasterizing?
  2. this is even more strange then, if they brought select similar and merge features, id kick adobe into garbage can and went full affinity mode
  3. this has been discussed for more than half a year and still waiting for this key feature!
  4. this feature is a must, people been asking this and "select same color" for ages
  5. thank you for a reply, is this feature planned? Addition of "merge" bolean command and "select same color" features would solve this completely without any additional specific innovations.
  6. But how does this answer the color separation question? I mean yes i can assign the spot colors ok, but how dow i separate each color to separate layers to make screens? i need to make somehow stencils with each color without having the other colors underneath it. here's example
  7. I love to jump from illustrator to affinity designer even if it currently lacks "select same color" feature, but what confuses me more is how to prepare color separated files for screen printing? In illustrator i would just go select all shapes, merge them in pathfinder and then using "select same color" just pick them all and separate to different layers. How to do similar stuff in affinity?
  8. I want to move away from adobe since it became slow and lackluster performance wise, BUT here is the problem, i dont see any alternatives to Illustrator pathfinder pallette, im doing alot of screen printing and i like to merge my artwork in illustrator and then ungroup it and separate each color to separate layer. Can i do that in affinity designer?
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