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  1. Hi. I have a question about Reset Selection Box. When i click on the object and shear it and then click Reset Selection Box, the Bounding box of that object is upright. Then when i click out of that object, and click again on that object, the bounding box of that object return to the first position. Is it normal behaviour? Regards Simon
  2. Hi. When will normal vector-erase be? It is basic tool in every vector programs!!! Regards s
  3. I understand. Will it be in the future? It is very helpful and the best option.
  4. Divide works different. I am affraid that it is not possible. There is no option merge. Merge works like divide and add together in the same "space". There are very many shapes after divide. After merge you have shapes only you see. There is nothing behind any shape.
  5. Hi. Is there any posibility to merge objects like "merge pathfinder" in Adobe illustrator? Like here : 1:16 minute
  6. Thank you! It is some kind of resolution Best Regards Simon
  7. Yes, i meant globally. It's a real shame. Maybe it will be possible in the future. Thanks Simon
  8. Welcome. I am the new user of Affinity Designer and i have a question about saving strokes of pencil. Is it possible to save profiles of pencil? I know that there is button save profile but it is unavailable when i open new project, documet. Best Regards Simon
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