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  1. Hi everyone Is it possible to create presets for my studio view in AP? I use AP for different things, and to have presets for the tools and panels layout would be helpful. Is there a way to do this that I haven't thought of, or if it is not possible, can it be implemented? Regards, Jayden
  2. I would really like for this feature to be implemented, as when designing logos for clients through online platforms, as part of the handover process it is required to send them the logo in .ai format.
  3. Carl123 Thank you so much I'll create a macro and apply that on future batch processes. Regards, Jayden
  4. Please let me know if anyone can see the images, I am struggling to open them after redownloading.
  5. Sorry about that. I've reuploaded the individual files.
  6. I have noticed that whenever I batch process my RAW images (Canon EOS 700d), Affinity Photo seems to apply some kind of grading to the images without macros. When I take photos for friends or family, I convert all of the taken images to jpeg so that it is easier for me to view them on a phone and share if need be. But I have noticed that batch process seems to pull the recoverable highlights down to viewable levels but overall darkens the entire image. Is this something with my display or how the computer renders the RAW files? If there is a way to disable this processing, please let me know Attached are the Batch Processed jpeg images and original RAW images, and a screenshot of the settings I am using within Batch Processing. Regards, Jayden IMG_2767.jpg IMG_2767.CR2 IMG_2765.CR2 IMG_2765.jpg
  7. Oh okay, thank you Steven
  8. I would also really love if you could do this... with lots of keyframes and easy to use video editing interface and compatible to use AP and AD files. "Affinity Motion" would be a cool name
  9. I just received an email for Affinity Publisher, which I am very excited about, but I noticed that it says this toward the end of the email: And remember, there’s no monthly subscription with Affinity Publisher – you just purchase the app once and get free updates until version 2! Does this mean that we will only get all the updates for Affinity Apps up until version 2.0?
  10. Jayden Brand

    Nature Brushes - Sample

    Is the full collection ready? Would love to use it!
  11. I would still like this to be implemented please
  12. Jayden Brand

    Search Feature

    Never knew it existed... thanks so much guys
  13. Can we get a search function that will allow us to search for words across the document? And also a search function that will allow us to search for font settings, (for example, search for all places where the text is bold or italics?) It'll really help with last minute changes and quick searching in the document. Thank you
  14. A problem that I'm facing is when I copy and paste a sum of text from word into APu, and change it to a custom "Body" style, all the italics changes to normal fonts, and I don't want to have to go through a 320 page document, looking for all the places where there needs to be italics... Is there any way to change the format into another style without italics or bold sections being changed?
  15. Doesn't work for me either, except selecting it from the menu...