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  1. Is there the equivalent of a Hand Tool or possibility of adding it (as there exists in Photo) where one could grab and move the document, instead of using scroll bars? Thank you.
  2. Hi, everyone,. attempted to select multiple images at same time using Place Image Tool, but not all would open (they were all the same type, JPG). Is this due to the images having to meet certain minimum size or other requirements? Pardon me if this was already addressed elsewhere in the Forum. Thanks.
  3. In the Character Panel, the Typography options weren’t available (perhaps not activated yet?).
  4. rjdjing

    Missing Font

    Missing font ("Optima"). In the video tutorial titled "Simple text," the instructor uses the Optima font, but it doesn’t appear as one of the font options in the program. Is it, along with others, yet to come? Thanks. -Bob