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  1. Fair enough. I'll try to keep an eye on what I do to see if it happens again and catch what might trigger it.
  2. Bingo!!! Done and works now. I guess the question to ask is how did this happen in the first place? I don't recall tinkering under the hood much. Many thank, it not a bug unless a bug caused the problem.
  3. I restarted my computer and logged in as another user (I keep a separate Admin. account). The Move Tool work for setting guidelines. Then I tried changing a few things, such as page size and measurements in Document Setup, etc. and could not cause the problem. I switched users back to my regular account and launched Publisher and the problem returned. I tried resetting the User Defaults in Prefs. and I can't solve the mystery. Weird!!!
  4. Yup, the Move Tool is V in he prefs. I don't have any keyboard shortcut tools installed. It would be difficult to find out if some other application or process running in the background might be interfering with Publisher.
  5. CheatSheet is working for me too. Sometimes it comes up a little too fast and other time just right. Very useful! Thanks
  6. OK, I have now tested this over and over. I cannot set guidelines using the Move Tool, not even with any modifier key. Node Tool Yes. Go to Photo and the Move Tool works for guides. What is going on? Any ideas? Why is my Mac different? Am I missing something here?
  7. I was complaining that I could not drag guides from rulers using the Move Tool, however, I discovered I could using the Node Tool. A Windows user was telling me to use the Move Tool. We decided the Mac and Windows versions don't match in this regard. Guides can be dragged from rulers in both Designer and Photo in the Mac versions, Publisher for Mac is not right.
  8. The Move Tool works for guides in both Photo and Designer on the Mac. So it appears the Mac version of Publisher needs to be changed. No wonder I was surprised when I couldn't do it!
  9. Hmmm… on the Mac version, he Node Tool has no shortcut and A does nothing. This must be differences between Mac and Windows versions. Hopefully this will all get sorted out and become uniform between versions.
  10. I see that the KeyCue price coverts to $30 CAD. Is the difference between KeyCue and CheatSheet worth the price. I'm going to try CheatSheet.
  11. If I press T and I'm not paying attention to the cursor, I can end up typing a 't' if I press T again to change the tool. I wonder if they could change it to A for Artistic Text? I suppose that, since they use M to toggle the Rectangle, Ellipse and Round Corner tools, that having the text tools toggle too makes sense.
  12. I can't drag guides from the rulers with the Move Tool, but I can with the Node Tool. I just tested it again in the latest beta version. I notice that you are on Windows. Is it possible for the Mac and Windows versions to be different?
  13. The Artistic Text Tool and Frame Text Tool have the same keyboard shortcut. I'm wondering if there is a good reason for this? I hover over the Frame Text Tool and find T is the shortcut. So I hit T, go to drag out a box and find I have the Artistic Text Tool. Maybe I'm missing something here.
  14. I think you mean the node tool. It would be nice in the Guides Manager to have a new guide automatically be highlighted for the value to be entered. What would be really cool is to use the Node Tool to rough out the placement of guides by dragging and then go into the Guides Manager and be able to use some keyboard shortcut to go down through all the guides and just type in the exact value (i.e. round off the roughed in value). Let's say, Option-Tab. So open Guides Manager and see the guides with rough values, such as 1.002 in. Hit Option-Tab and type 1 to set 1 in. and then Option-Tab again to go to the next guide and highlight it. Maybe this is already possible and I have not yet discovered how. This has been the case for me with a few features.
  15. I'm wondering if anybody has done a Affinity-Shortcuts-Cheat-Sheet for Publisher? Or is it too soon with possible changes still to come?