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  1. The Restart worked. Why would I have to restart my computer to run AP and AD?
  2. I'm also experiencing the Not Responding problem with both Photo and Designer (I haven't tried Publisher yet) on my MacBook Pro running Catalina. I first noticed it when I tried opening a few graphics files of .png and .jpg in AP a few days ago. I dragged them on the AP icon and also tried launching first, which was fine, then using Open Recent. I kept getting the spinning beachball and having to Force Quit. Today I attempted to open an AD file and had the same problem. There's no crash log in Console. I tried to open an AP file I made yesterday (Open Recent>) and same problem. I thought about restarting my Mac, but I just did that last night. Interestingly, the two AD files I double-clicked on to open, which never actually opened, do show up at the top of the Open Recent menu. When I had the AP problem a few days ago, somehow I got it working. It was working fine yesterday, but not today. I'll try a Restart of my Mac. AP and AD 1.8.6 macOS Catalina 10.15.7 MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012) 16GB
  3. That is interesting. I changed the color and the images came back. I also was unable to reproduce the problem in two new documents, so I'm not sure what happened. I guess if it can't be replicated, the problem can't be fixed. It has been a number or years since I last did any serious document construction. Even back in the old days with QuarkXPress, I seem to remember that a document could have various images which would get flagged at preflight. I'm guessing that when I export to PDF (Press Ready) in APub, I can choose CMYK and select Covert Image Color Spaces. I'm doing a book in print and eBook. I'm not entirely sure how to create one from the other and which to construct first. My attempt here was to come up with a design, get myself acquainted with how to layout the book, and get get more familiar with APub. So I actually hadn't paid much attention to the images, since some may be replaced with original illustrations. At this point, I'm not sure if the book will have any color, so the eBook would be RGB and the book would be greyscale.
  4. Attached is a three page sample document. I copied the contents of the pages from the main document. As I mentioned, these are images from various sources on the web for reference only. Pinned_Images_copied_test.afpub
  5. I am working on a book and have been practicing layout using APub. The practice document contains reference graphics gather from the web. I pinned them into the text. Along the way I decided to make a different document to try a few things. I copied the text with pinned graphics into a text box in the new document. The images distorted into vertical coloured lines. Next I tried copying the text box containing the text and the pinned graphics. The results were the same. This happens with all the graphics in the document. MacBook Pro 15 (upgrade RAM, SSD, etc.) MacOS X 10.15.5 APub 1.8.3
  6. If an Affinity DAM is likely a possibility for the future, can somebody suggest an alternative that could be used in the meantime? It would be nice to find something that an Affinity product could read so catalogs could migrate.
  7. I use iView Media Pro v3, or I should say, I have been using. It has lasted me for about 15 years and was way ahead of it's time. This is important for a DAM because of the possible massive number of assets. One can jump around from photo editor to editor, but your DAM has to last. Thus I arrive at my problem. Yesterday I launched iView and saw the dreaded "iView needs to be updated." I never upgraded when it passed to Microsoft and became Express, and Phase One wanted a pile of dough for the product which seemed to have lost some of its robustness and was basically old code which had never been updated. It did its job very well for a long time without the need to upgrade. Now it is discontinued. There is no replacement and apparently no other product can open iView catalogs. My collection is dead. iView will open, but catalogs seem to have lost all data such as ratings. So it looks like I have to start over with 15 years of digital photography. I need something simple that can hand off to my Affinity software. Since I am on the Affinity bandwagon, I would like to toss in my vote. Please do something basic to get started and add features down the road. A fast sorter/cataloger that integrates with Photos, Designer and Publisher seems important necessity. A central hub that can handle the management of assets used by projects and files built in Affinity software.
  8. CheatSheet is working for me too. Sometimes it comes up a little too fast and other time just right. Very useful! Thanks
  9. The Move Tool works for guides in both Photo and Designer on the Mac. So it appears the Mac version of Publisher needs to be changed. No wonder I was surprised when I couldn't do it!
  10. Hmmm… on the Mac version, he Node Tool has no shortcut and A does nothing. This must be differences between Mac and Windows versions. Hopefully this will all get sorted out and become uniform between versions.
  11. I see that the KeyCue price coverts to $30 CAD. Is the difference between KeyCue and CheatSheet worth the price. I'm going to try CheatSheet.
  12. If I press T and I'm not paying attention to the cursor, I can end up typing a 't' if I press T again to change the tool. I wonder if they could change it to A for Artistic Text? I suppose that, since they use M to toggle the Rectangle, Ellipse and Round Corner tools, that having the text tools toggle too makes sense.
  13. I can't drag guides from the rulers with the Move Tool, but I can with the Node Tool. I just tested it again in the latest beta version. I notice that you are on Windows. Is it possible for the Mac and Windows versions to be different?
  14. The Artistic Text Tool and Frame Text Tool have the same keyboard shortcut. I'm wondering if there is a good reason for this? I hover over the Frame Text Tool and find T is the shortcut. So I hit T, go to drag out a box and find I have the Artistic Text Tool. Maybe I'm missing something here.
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