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  1. Just for fun I wanted to see how well AP can mask hair, I must say I'm very impressed with the results. Although not perfect, it's the best result I have had after many tries with other software. Kudos Affinity!
  2. Before & after of the church I grew up attending in Hale village near Liverpool.
  3. Very skilled work on a very engaging concept. It would work well for a poster railing against global warming.
  4. Gorgeous on all levels. I'm very happy for your good fortune.
  5. I like the idea of experimentation, like exploration, it can take us to new levels of achievement and awe inspiring places. :rolleyes:
  6. You're a class act Sir! I'm pleased to get your reply.
  7. Very engaging image. Some info on process would help me form some opinions and comments.
  8. I'm still on the floor flat on my back. Wowzer, Am I brain damaged or am I seeing this for real? + 1 gazillion!!!
  9. Thank you John for sharing this very informative review. I was pleased to read what you said about tiff files, it reaffirmed my trust in that particular file format. Thanks again.
  10. ps: i still wont hate it if someone might have any clue or if any mod or developer might join in on occasion. :-) I'm afraid it's a sign of the times dasigna. Before the internet we had road rage, now we have an added element, "Forum Ranting" thus society just keeps getting worse. :(
  11. Original and simple. Two important elements, well done.
  12. This is an excellent effort, some artifacts still visible, however, it's still impressive.
  13. Thank you kodiak, . I don't know how much longer I'm going to do this kind of work as I have a few paintings I started too long ago. Time to get them finished. I have been spending a lot of time on birding since where I'm living the opportunities are endless, summer and winter. :D
  14. An interesting image of a ..... is it a species of pelican? Whatever it is, I find the processing not convincing. The tail reflection confuses, should it not be slightly deflected in POV by refraction and also not visible at exactly the same colour and density of the real tail? It presents to me as a bird on a log, with another tail sticking out from behind the foreground log, it's just not believable. Sorry if this critique is too terse, but for me this image defies reality. Photo editing of this nature requires an advanced knowledge of perspective and reflection. It's not easy to replicate without reference. If you had the reference in the first place, then PP would not be required . Anyone who has not got lengthy experience on top of formal art training is doomed to have a hard time with this kind of photo manipulation. That said, everyone has the right to learn by posting their work and receiving honest feedback. My critique is offered in that spirit and hope it is received as such. In my painting career I can remember too many times feeling totally pleased with work I had done (now I consider that feeling a red light), only to wake up the next morning, go into my studio, look at the work I was so pleased with and wonder who the hell littered my studio with such garbage. Good work comes from being your own harshest critic. There is a colour shift between the foot on the log and the reflected foot that is more convincing than the tail, try to replicate this in the tail reflection, morph the shape and rotate it slightly upward plus desaturating it to give more of a reflected look. Hope this helps.
  15. This edit was to explore the possible aesthetic improvements by removing background clutter
  16. She is your girlfriend, then how do you find time for your artwork? :wub: Very exciting work, brilliant!!!
  17. I enjoyed the conversation and exchange of ideas, thank you all for your energetic responses. :D
  18. Carl, Kudos for your help to the OP on this matter.
  19. Exquisite! wonderful capture.
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