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  1. +1000 Gravit is coming strong from behind... has lots of features that AI has and which are still missing from AD. The only problem with Gravit is the performance which is awful specially when working with multiple artboards and bitmap photos. This is where AD shines, the performance is awesome even in Windows and copes really well with tons of artboards and many objects. Because of the missing multiple fills and strokes I'm still forced to use AI as my main logo design tool.
  2. An update/reply on this one from the developers team would be awesome, especially now since the 1.6 version has been released! I'm in the same boat as @Mikeintosh... the devs I work with require fully editable PSDs file since they're not willing to switch/learn a new software so I'm stuck with making web design in PS which is a nightmare performance wise when using many large full HD artboards. AD works buttery smooth but since I can't export PSD with text layer it's pretty useless to me at this point! So guys... any news on this one???
  3. This is the only reason I still use the shitty, resource intensive PS! I'm a Windows user and have no choice... the devs I'm working with are only familiar with PS and they need PSD files. And working in PS with many 1920px width artboards is a nightmare as everything is slow as hell. PS wasn't built for this and Adobe X D is still pretty primitive and if I can't export PSD with editable text from Affinity Designer then I'm force to work with PS. Also it would be a huge feature for AD to be able to actually save as in PSD and not export... I mean you open a PSD in AD, you make changes and hit CTRL+S to save it as the original PSD file and not a .afdesign file. This would bring a lot of users from the dark side since most of them have the same problem as I have... they have to provide fully editable PSD files to the devs who are not willing to invest time and money in a new software. Any ETA for this feature would be great! Thanks guys for doing a great job and for driving the graphic design industry into the 21st century!
  4. @MEB You're welcome! Hopefully it will be fixed in the final 1.6. Can't wait for the final release
  5. I see this hasn't been addressed in the latest beta, at least the Windows version. On the Mac version it looks just fine: So any chance for a fix for us humble Windows users???
  6. Any word of a future implementation of this feature?
  7. One of the things that I don't get in AD is why in the world would you sort the Font Style order alphabetically? Just take a look at the complex font like Relaway: It starts with Black the continues with Regular and so on... it's not even alphabetically 100%. Makes absolutely no sense! The normal order should be from the lightest to the thickest, right? Or am I not thinking right? Also it would be awesome to have a preview of the Font Style similar to Photoshop. Just an idea. Thanks for the awesome work you've done so far and for supporting Windows users as well!
  8. +1000 for me as well! not sure if this will make the feature materialize faster, but for a professional vector based software, this is a must have!
  9. +1000! I just bought AD for Windows and the saving/exporting path is pretty silly. It should definitely work like p10n suggested above. Not sure why they didn't made it this way from the get go since it's the most logical way of working.
  10. Hey guys... I've got to this thread because I'm sick of the Windows monopoly on desktop and I would love to move onto something like Linux but since I'm a graphic designer I need the Adobe products to do my job and since Macs are so damn expensive (and a pretty closed ecosystem for my taste) I'm stuck to Windows, version 8.1 to be exact. I don't want to move to Windows 10 since I don't like the direction microsoft is going with its UWP and since adobe will release their first UWP software (Adobe XD), this really made me mad and started looking for alternatives. So far I found Figma a great alternative to Adobe XD and Sketch (another Mac only software), which is a in browser app and would work great on Linux. Now all I need is a great Photoshop alternative to work in Linux. And AD could be it! It would great to have all the Afinity software in the futuer available for Linux. It would be a bold statement against giants like Adobe which we will never see on Linux. Someone has to be first and take the first step. This move could give you a huge boost in reputation for sure which would earn you trust among many users. And maybe more companies will follow! And the kickstarter campaign would be a great start for you guys to see how people would react. Also why aren't you thinking of changing the payment model? A prepaid combined with a subscription or something similar. The guys at Bohemian made a similar change in strategy as well which is not perfect for I think they had to do it even though many users didn't react too well. I know this was one reason why many people are using AD but in time you'll have to change it right since it's not very sustainable, right?
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