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  1. This may be intended but in Affinity Designer group effects are not applied to children when exporting them using "Selection without background" as export area. This also happens when using the export persona. For example, when exporting the ellipse layer (not the group) in the attached file using "Selection without background", the circle in the exported image is green instead of blue and is missing the outline. I have a document with multiple layers on which a group effect is applied, but when using the export persona to export the individual layers, the effect is lost, so I have to apply the effect to each layer individually. Group Effects Export Bug.afdesign
  2. Sadly still the same. I don't notice any difference. The application is unusable for a few minutes, even when I manage to deselect the layer and switch tools. Even when the CPU usage drops to 0% again after some time, the application is *very* slow to use afterwards, whenever the document has to be rerendered (where CPU usage even goes to 100% on all four cores). Changing font, font size, text alignment or transforming the shape doesn't make a difference either.
  3. Sure. I'm running Windows 10 64-bit, Intel i5-7600, 16GB DDR4, NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti. CPU usage goes to about 40%. The same happens in Affinity Photo. It only happens when holding CTRL while dragging the handles. After dragging the handles using CTRL for a bit, it's even slow without pressing any modifier keys afterwards. The amount of time the application freezes depends on for how long I dragged the handles.
  4. In Affinity Designer, when dragging either the start or end handle of the text path in the attached file, while holding the CTRL key, the application slows down significantly and ultimately becomes unresponsive. TextPathBug.afdesign Edit: I mean these orange handles which define the text's range:
  5. In Affinity Designer, when moving a compound shape into a group with custom constraints, the application crashes. (See the attached file) Group Bug.afdesign
  6. In Affinity Designer, when changing the constraints of the circle in the attached file, while the rectangle is hidden, the rectangle gets cropped to the circle's dimensions (which can be seen when enabling the visibility of the rectangle). This does not happen when the rectangle is visible while changing the circle's constraints. I could imagine this to be intentional behaviour, but I thought I'd post it anyway. If it's indeed intentional, is there someway to retroactively show the whole rectangle / undo the crop? Children Visibility Constraint Bug.afdesign
  7. In Affinity Designer, when changing the constraints of the rectangle in the attached file, it gets repositioned and stretched. This only happens when the rectangle's group has constraints set to either right, bottom, or both. Children Transform Constraint Bug.afdesign
  8. Jimmini

    Displayed size of pixel selection inaccurate

    It happens if the cursor is not exactly on the pixel grid when you start drawing the selection. For example like this: It's more obvious if you zoom in a lot, like when you open the attached file. But it's really not a big issue, I'm just posting everything which I think doesn't work as intended, that catches my eye during work, so that the team knows about it. Selection.afphoto
  9. Jimmini

    Displayed size of pixel selection inaccurate

    Yes, but I can't do that in certain situations, especially when dealing with raster image files. And regardless of whether or not it is needed, it's still a bug.
  10. In both Affinity Photo Beta and Designer Beta (with the "force pixel alignment" option activated), the sizes of pixel selections displayed in the transform panel are inaccurate while drawing them. For example, the selection's width in this screenshot is displayed as 29px, but is actually 30px: This is only the case as long as the mouse button to draw the selection is held down. I assume this happens because the selection's drawing starting point doesn't lie exactly on the pixel grid but at non-integer coordinates (as the view is zoomed in) and the size calculation doesn't consider the "force pixel alignment" option while the selection is still being drawn, thus resulting in the rounding error. As soon as I release the mouse button, the values in the transform panel get displayed correctly. It's not a major issue but a bit irritating nonetheless, as I regularly use the rectangular marquee tool to measure distances.
  11. Jimmini

    Panel horizontal scrollbars

    It would be quite helpful as I often work with rather lengthy slice names and I have to "rename" them to see the full name (or resize the panel, of course).
  12. Jimmini

    Panel horizontal scrollbars

    That's unfortunate, as it really limits how many nested layers you can have and how long their names can be. They seemed to work pretty well. Couldn't the space required for the scrollbars just be reserved while hidden to avoid the panel's size from changing? I know this problem from web development where I solve it by always showing the scrollbars. As this is a native application, they wouldn't have to be always visible, but only considered by the layout engine.
  13. I just tried the latest beta versions of both Designer and Photo and it doesn't happen in the layers panel anymore, but it still does in the slices panel.
  14. Jimmini

    Color picker off by one pixel

    No, I only use one 1920x1080 monitor, no DPI scaling.
  15. Yes, I know it's only temporary. The problem is that you have to drag a handle with the mouse before using the transform panel to avoid the temporary selection box to revert to it's default state. Surely this isn't intentional? Have you tried the steps in my first post?