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  1. Solved! I have to do it from the Library, not from the macros.Thank you.
  2. Using on Windows. I need to import macros created in June 2019. AF P can't see or import the files. I tried to manually associate the files via Windows, to no avail. I don't know if the last version can't import them, or if the files were corrupted. Do I need to install an older version of AF Photo to have access to them again? Thank you.
  3. While at it, the perfect (?) options would be: default to Original ratio + Unconstrained when clicking on the alt key. When you let go the alt key your new ratio will be the new default, then maybe ctrl key to reverse back to original ratio of the file, etc. Just sharing ideas while you work on the update, but something like this would be massively productive. You have a menu with plenty of well suited ratios already. Why not add the option of locking down your favorite preset ratio, in addition to Unconstrained and Original.
  4. Thank you. When you try to work on a massive amount of images fast this is a major problem. I'll use something else while waiting for the update.
  5. Hello. I have the latest APhoto. How can I get the 'original ratio' option selected by default? I am cropping a lot of images and it is a pain to manually select that option every single time. Also when you leave the crop tool, then go back to it, it goes back to the default again.
  6. Thank you for the suggestion but this is not it. This is a link about Inkscape and how to create a 3D cube. This link describes what I would like, but better, in Designer one day. http://goinkscape.com/how-to-draw-a-rubiks-cube-in-inkscape/#respond After some searches in the forum my wish or something similar is a very popular request, and has been for years. While waiting I will use Inkscape when needed.
  7. This is why I use Inkscape for basic perspective transformations, svg back and forth. Also why not add a macro option for Designer something like the one in Photo. Record every step. Instead of rebuilding the logo because of a name change, simply change the name and apply the same macro, get the same look. Done.
  8. Then there is no need to create a thread in the question forum. My suggestion is to create a non isometric cube and a sphere as more options in Grid and Axis Manager. Thank you.
  9. I was posting here because it is impossible to recreate (easily) with guides the perspective the email is advertising. It is not isometric, that's why I suggested to go beyond the isometric grid in the thread title. I will ask in the question forum. Thank you.
  10. I got an email from Affinity. This image was included. It would nice if someone could point me to a tutorial recreating this image. How to set guides is what I am looking for.
  11. I asked for the same request, almost, in thread I created to have guides you could define yourself (old movie posters with fake 3D style lettering as an example). I simply hope when this is implemented it will be as epic as the rest of the Affinity Suite. Maybe because everything is so flat looking, the demand is not an emergency?
  12. Follow up. is 'stable'. Only had 2 crashes since my last post. Pushed 800+ files with 20 steps macros and it was fine. it is impossible to reproduce the crashes. I don't know if batch processing is been used a lot by Affinity users, but when you need to manage multiples macros, it is getting very tedious to reload macros over and over again when you start a new batch job. That's a separate problem I'll suggest in the appropriate sub.
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