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  1. Follow up. is 'stable'. Only had 2 crashes since my last post. Pushed 800+ files with 20 steps macros and it was fine. it is impossible to reproduce the crashes. I don't know if batch processing is been used a lot by Affinity users, but when you need to manage multiples macros, it is getting very tedious to reload macros over and over again when you start a new batch job. That's a separate problem I'll suggest in the appropriate sub.
  2. I've decided to re download the app and re install it. To my surprise I saw there was another update, .380, instead of my original .367. So far so good. No crash It is too bad Affinity doesn't push for updates alert within the app. Is there an option for this to happen? Is there a page I need to bookmark to find out what's up? Thanks.
  3. A little update. I rebooted my Windows machine. No background apps running. I programmed a couple of macros. After a while, idle, Photo crashed. I got the Crash report alert from Photo after the first crash. I did the Beta 1.7 and never had any crash problems. Thanks.
  4. I ran a very small batch job, less than 20 images. Twice. Crashed both times. After that I started recording some macros. 2 different macros. Crashed after I saved the second one. I can't tell what's triggering the crashes. That never happened on 1.6, batch running 300+ images on the same system.
  5. I just installed both Photo and Designer. Not a major bug more like a visual annoyance. Designer keeps the old look on the taskbar. Both shortcuts for Photo 1.7 and Designer 1.7 on my desktop are fine.
  6. This is more important that a cancel option. I was getting my files from multiple folders doing multiple jobs. You can't drag and drop files and folders on the list directly.
  7. I am so used to have a cancel option for batch processing I was a bit surprised it wasn't there. No loss for me as I was testing it on a backup folder.
  8. I've made a mistake with the destination folder (same as the original folder). Is there a way to cancel a batch job after it's started? Also how do I tell the app not to write over a file with the same name, or auto rename it with (2), (3)? It was a copy of a folder (no big deal), but I'd like to know. Thank you.
  9. I would love to be able to make titles like this fake impossible 3D look with the help of guides/grids built in the program. I don't mean changing the geometry but at least have the option beyond the isometric look. Thank you.
  10. Just to let you know it is better but there is a bug still. If I run a file with the same dimensions everything is fine. If I run the macro with an image with different dimensions then the results is not predictable.
  11. I was going insane. So it is a bug. Thank you.
  12. Hello. I have to say I've tried to find the bugs and what I was doing wrong. No luck. I want a final 1920x1080 flatten image from two layers of the same image. Layer (2) is 1080 tall and [Align Right]. Layer (1) is a duplicate of (2). (2) is 1920 in width. (2) is [Align Center] and [Align Middle]. (2) is the back+blur and (1) is top+drop shadow. AP records every step. When I play it back the locked aspect ratio is not recorded (Transform > Lock Aspect Ratio toggle). Ratio distortion. I have my macro here, minus the blur and drop shadow steps. I just want to understand what I am doing wrong. It's a simple macro, but somehow I can't make it to run. Thank you. macro-test.afmacro