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  1. The text looks like it was transformed to fit the circular label. Is there a tool in Designer that will do that?
  2. The Video on this page under point #10 for Alternate Futures shows a record image with the words Alternate Futures as the record label. How was this image created in Affinity Designer? https://affinityspotlight.com/article/10-things-we-love-about-affinity-designer-17/?utm_medium=App&utm_source=AffinityDesigner_1.7.1_MacOS&utm_campaign=Welcome
  3. Bummer, I figured that was the answer but was hoping for a setting that would allow the Text Editing cursor to auto snap back to the Move Tool like Pages.
  4. I am used to working in Pages which allows one to easily switch from editing text to the pointer or Move Tool by simply clicking outside of the text edit frame. In Affinity Publisher when I do this it just attempt to draw another text frame. Is there a quick, intuitive way to switch from editing text to the Move Tool?
  5. I too am missing an Affinity Publisher folder on iCloud although I have it turned on in System Preferences. Designer and Photo both have folders on iCloud, but both of those I bought through the Apple Store. I purchased Publisher from Affinity. I tried deleting and reinstalling the program but it did not correct the problem.
  6. The imposition feature of the Print dialog does work with the spanning images, but the resolution that feature generated is much too low.
  7. Thank you for responding. I created the document as reader spreads. I guess I was hoping the export feature would allow for the document to saved as either a PDF in Reader Spreads or in Printer Spreads. I can do what you suggested but that will entail recreating some of the pages because I have images going across both pages. If I move the pages then the image moves with one of the pages and is removed from the other.
  8. How do I export a booklet to PDF Printer Spreads?
  9. The problem of not being able to select Horizontal or Vertical line segment nodes with a marquee still seems to persist in the most recent Beta version of Affinity Designer Only after selecting every individual node and moving it can they be selected with a marquee. This is extremely tedious when working with many individual line segments.
  10. Yes, this also work on the Mac, but I meant that using the Node Tool to draw a selection marquee around a group of nodes is not possible unless the objects are first selected by the Move Tool.
  11. Well, hopefully it will be fixed soon in the next release 1.7? I was also surprised that the Node Tool can only select nodes if the shape is first selected with the Move Tool. That does not seem very intuitive.
  12. As you can see from the video I tried this and it does not work. Curiously upon further investigation I noticed that it does not work on freshly created straight lines made with the Pen Tool. If the lines are modified in some way, then it starts working. Is this a bug? Nodes.mov
  13. How does one use the Node Tool to select multiple nodes quickly? The only way I can see to do this is by clicking on every single node individually. There must be an easier way. See video of me trying to select nodes with the marquee. Any help is appreciated. Screen Recording 2018-11-09 at 11.32.42 PM.mov