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  1. @Sean P Thanks for the reply! For those who lives the same, I manage to make it work-ish when I double click then use the arrow keys to "trigger" the problem (see video). With arrow keys, it won't end the edit mode, so I can edit the layer. I would agree it's a small problem, but as many, we need to do this, like every minute. At the end of the day, it's a bit annoying and impact the productivity. Thanks again! Untitled.mov
  2. So, this problem have been around for quite some time, (since at least v1.6 I believe). When you rename an Artboard, it sometimes unfocuses the label field for no specific reason (as if there was a loop somewhere that ends the edit process, idk). Sometimes it just unfocuses, sometimes it also deletes it's content to keep the first letter only. Do you have and idea why it does that? Thanks Untitled.mp4
  3. I totally approve this! I'd even recommend using the same feature request for font families. Pretty much like Indesign. Thanks
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