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  1. @Wosven @GarryP One of the changes in the new release is that all users of the apps, from whichever store they originally purchased the app(s), can register, in each app, to have an "Affinity Account" which gives direct access to the Affinity Store and its resources. I've just done this registration on my iPad version of APh and can now download to it a range of resources which were previously available in my Affinity Store account and so, up to now, accessible only to my desktop apps because they were all purchased direct from Serif. User who have previously not had any Affinity Account, because they had made all their purchases via the appropriate App Store, can now create one and access and download a range of free resources. Jeff
  2. @Quadrangulator Excellent news! Glad to hear you're up and running and thanks for the feedback. Jeff
  3. @CYthePotato Welcome to the Affinity forums. You've posted to the Designer Bugs on Windows forum so I will assume that is your OS. From what you have written I can see no point at which you have made any mistake which might have caused such a disaster to occur! It is certainly not something I have ever seen on my Win 10 machine and I feel sure the forum would be inundated with posts from very angry users if it were a widespread problem. So, either, something must have happened to your computer between the time you finished your work and shut the computer down and the time when you booted it again and discovered the problem. Since it was off no Windows Update could have downloaded and installed in the meantime - it is not unknown for at least some of these to create file-access problems, amongst others - and no "cleaning" software could have similarly run overnight. Or, what chance is there that the files, despite you creating a dedicated folder for them, were actually saved to a completely different location? You say you tried searching for them with no luck; for such an in-depth search of everything on my computer I use this free utility. Perhaps it might be worth giving this a go? HTH Jeff
  4. @Quadrangulator This post includes a list of softwares known to cause conflicts with APh on Windows. Any help to you? Jeff
  5. @A Schulz Welcome to the Affinity forums. Where did you buy the Windows version? If it was the Microsoft Store there is no licence key or need for an email address because the purchase is tied to your Microsoft Store account. Google Translate: Willkommen in den Affinity-Foren. Wo haben Sie die Windows-Version gekauft? Wenn es sich um den Microsoft Store handelt, gibt es keinen Lizenzschlüssel oder eine E-Mail-Adresse, da der Kauf an Ihr Microsoft Store-Konto gebunden ist. Jeff
  6. @mak1631 Your images show you have somehow opened your Program Data folder in a web browser, rather than in a Windows Explorer window. Assuming you are running Win 10, if you're not sure how to access Windows Explorer, go to the search box (most commonly a magnifying glass icon, bottom left hand corner of your desktop), click on the icon and in the search box type This PC. Click on the entry that says "This PC App". That will open the Windows Explorer display of all your hard drives. Double-click on the C:\ drive to open a window showing its contents and go to Program Data and then to the exact location you were previously shown for your licence file. Now, the right-click option to delete should be available. If you do not see the Program Data folder, check the View tab (at the top of that Explorer screen and make sure that "Hidden Items" (towards the right hand end of the ribbon at the top) is ticked. HTH Jeff
  7. @walt.farrell Hi Walt. Rather OT, but aren't your Device ID and Product ID unique (and private) to you? Hence, should they not be at least obscured in the screenshot you posted above? Jeff
  8. @Noe Chavez Welcome to the Affinity forums. Which operating system do you have, Windows, Mac or iOS and from which store, Serif, Mac or Microsoft, did you buy the app?
  9. @ionh Welcome to the Affinity forums. (i) Yes, each OS (Windows, MAC) has its own, separate licence, which cannot be transferred from one to the other. (ii) All updates up to the release of version 2 are free. Version 2 will be a paid upgrade but there is no timeline for when this new version might be released. As of now, there is no indication that I am aware of that version 2 has got any further than the "thinking stage". (iii) My understanding is that the half-price offer is guaranteed to last for the 90 days of the Trial period. Just don't forget to buy before that period runs out if you wish to keep using the app! HTH Jeff
  10. @Jim Vormelker My choice of "external" app for noise reduction, and which also works fully as a plugin within APh is Neat Image. HTH
  11. How are you calibrating your monitors, what software/hardware are you using? I ask, because I run an x-rite Colormunki Display, calibration checked and reset every 28 days, and have never seen this problem, i.e. each update to any of the Affinity apps never changes my display colour profiles setting.
  12. @Bettridge I don't think you will regret at least testing out Publisher but do be aware there is no "direct" method of opening PagePlus files in Publisher. You can export from PP as .pdf and then open the .pdf in Publisher. Jeff
  13. @shebulmiah Welcome to the Affinity forums. At this time no Affinity app can create an ebook. It is hoped that, at some point in the future, Affinity Publisher will include this facility. Jeff
  14. @Catsrcool Welcome to the Affinity forums. I've seen mention of this problem before and I believe the answer concerns whether or not the image data includes information on the orientation of the original image. I've just checked a Landscape .CR2 RAW in both the latest release and the latest Beta of APh and both opened in the correct orientation, so this is not a general problem. Is this something that has just started for you, as your question suggests? Can you post here one of your RAW files which exhibits this problem, for other users to test? Jeff
  15. @werner2021 Welcome to the Affinity forums. First can I urge you to change your user name? Using your email address is to invite spam bots to harvest it and deluge your Inbox with unwanted emails. The answer to your question is that Affinity Photo is a photo/image editor, not a browser or Digital Asset Manager (DAM). Serif have said they hope to produce a DAM at some point in the future but until then there are a host of cataloguing apps that can be used, many of which can have APhoto set as the dedicated editor. HTH Jeff
  16. @lury Erick Are you using Google Chrome as your default browser? I ask because I have twice recently encountered a similar situation: in the first, any attempt to download a particular software (by clicking on the "Download" button) produced nothing! When I asked the software manufacturer about this they replied saying they were seeing this problem when users used Chrome. Attempting the download in IE (uugghh!!) allowed the file to download; in the second case I wanted to purchase a completely different software and the page to complete the purchase always opened completely blank. In this case, remembering I had the Chrome extension IETab (highly recommended), I activated this on the purchase page and the blank page was suddenly populated with the text I needed. (By way of explanation as to why I used IE itself in the first case: I had completely forgotten about IETab!!) 😕 Jeff
  17. @Jens Krebs I think the problem is less of one of underestimating demand, rather it is one of the side effects of the virus pandemic, which is adding to the workload of the delivery companies/couriers. Serif use Amazon Logistics and, by all reports, it is handling far more deliveries than would normally be the case because so many people are ordering products on-line, rather than risk visiting the shops. Then, when you add in the inevitable staff absences through sickness amongst those delivery drivers and their support staff..... In my case, also in the UK, from placing the order to actually receiving the book - and I live less than 50 miles from Serif Head Office - was exactly four weeks. Jeff
  18. @Option Whisperer As @walt.farrell says, for US purchasers, the price is given in dollars and paid in dollars. There is no foreign transaction fee involved. I think you need to ask your bank/card issuer why they are charging you an additional fee to buy something in US Dollars. (I'm in the UK, where the same "foreign transaction fee" is levied if I wish to buy something in US Dollars but pay with GB Pounds. However, wherever the goods or software may originate, i.e. wherever the "manufacturer" is located, if I pay in GB Pounds I never see any additional transaction fees being added.) Jeff
  19. @Venyer Serif staff are, indeed, on holiday but at least some of them are still working, presumably from home. I had a similar query to you - I ordered mine on November 30th, received the order confirmation email and nothing further - so I emailed Serif and received an email on Monday December 28th that the book had been despatched that day and it arrived yesterday. So, don't give up! Jeff
  20. @Dolly Lewis The screenshot of your computer spec includes details which should not, I think, be displayed in a public forum, specifically the two IDs, which are unique to you and your computer. Please consider hiding those lines or, since you have already received the correct answer from @walt.farrell, perhaps remove the image completely. Jeff
  21. @grahamm7 If you had done a search in the forums for "RTL Languages" you would have found numerous posts asking for this facility. Yet another thread with the request is really rather superfluous, in my opinion. 😉 I believe Serif have indicated that this facility will be added at some time in the future. Jeff
  22. @ArtisticSoup I saw your other post, which included a link to the list of supported cameras. The list of those using the Serif RAW engine includes both your cameras, so I am a little surprised to read that you have been unsuccessful in opening their RAW files. I know the trial versions of Affinity apps are limited only by the length of time the trial can be used for, not by some feature or other being unavailable. So, I wonder why you are experiencing this problem? Is there something "different" about these RAWs? I regularly open Canon CR2 files from my 600D in Affinity Photo, without problem. If you are on a MAC, I understand the Serif RAW engine is the default but there is the alternative available to you of the Apple RAW engine which I believe does not currently support your cameras. is it possible you have tested this with only the Apple engine? Jeff
  23. @JensH Welcome to the Affinity forums. As stated earlier in this thread, each Affinity app purchase is licenced for ONE Operating System, either Windows, MAC Or iOS. The licences are also not transferable so if, as in your case, you have already purchased one or more the apps for MAC (OSX), their use on an iPad does require that licences for that OS be purchased. To answer your question: your only option, if you wish to use the apps on your iPad, is the purchase of an iPad licence for each app. Jeff
  24. @g.deleo Which Affinity app? And which store did you purchase from? I ask because the licence file, which for Affinity Store purchases can be accessed on your computer, includes the email address used to register the product, as well as the Product Key (I've just checked on my computer). Jeff
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