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  1. I learned about the affinity series software last year, but I haven't found a suitable channel to buy it, and I didn't use it after the trial ended. Today, I found a third-party software seller and completed the purchase of affinity software. Since the affinity website only supports credit card purchases, this is troublesome for Chinese users. Because most Chinese people do not have the habit of using credit cards. Most of our daily consumption has been replaced by alipay&wechatpay, and paper currency is rarely used. I have not used paper currency for several years. Bank services such as c
  2. I seem to send the wrong category, but I didn't find the button to delete this post, sorry
  3. On the login page of the official website, there is a translation problem with the login button. The text of the login button has been wrongly set to "register", which has misled me. I hope it can be corrected.
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