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  1. farbenfeuer

    Moving or deleting pages crashes the app

    Ok ok, i found the problem. I didn't know there was a correlation, but it happened because i had master pages applied to some of the pages and later deleted those master pages when i "cleaned up". I thought when i delete master pages they would automatically get deleted on their respective pages as well, so i never thought of it, but apparently not. So there you go guys: "Affinity Publisher crashes when trying to delete pages" might have to do with you having master pages applied that you already deleted. Maybe it helps the next google searcher. @MEB Maybe you should log that with the Dev team or at least make it a "known bugs/issues".
  2. farbenfeuer

    Moving or deleting pages crashes the app

    Hey Oval, danke für deinen Tipp. Ich weiß nur leider nicht welche das sind. Ich hab es bei zwei oder drei Seiten probiert und jedesmal crasht er. Bei anderen Files funktionierts und hab auch versucht mit nem anderen mac und publisher und auch ohne erfolg. Liegt also definitiv an der Datei. Insofern wüsste ich jetzt auch net ob der Reset was bringen würde. // Oval suggested to move the corrupted pages or reset the program. I told him, that i dont know which pages or part of the document are corrupted. I have tried deleting the pages with 2 different publishers on 2 different macs with the same result so the problem must lie within the document. I will proceed to try and delete all content and then see if this changes anything.
  3. farbenfeuer

    Moving or deleting pages crashes the app

    Guys im having the same problem. For some reason all of a sudden my Publisher Crashes when i try to delete pages. This is on the currently released Version of Publisher! I have an urgent Deadline for TOMORROW NOON! By 12:00 Noon (germany time) at the latest i have to submit the print data. There are 2 pages too many and i dont know what to do!! Its a large file with 48 pages and my client is having a fair. if i dont submit the print data in time, they will probably sue me or something!! Please help me ASAP!!! I upload the file on the link provided
  4. farbenfeuer

    Find Overflow Text

    yea yep - nothing. I dont notice anything in particular? What do you mean by pasteboard? Oh and btw: i also noticed that when i double click text edge to make the frame snap back to its actual size, the text frame is then marked with the said text overflow indicators. So thats kinda curious too.
  5. farbenfeuer

    Find Overflow Text

    yea yep - nothing. I dont notice anything in particular? What do you mean by pasteboard?
  6. farbenfeuer

    Find Overflow Text

    Been having the same problem. Merely 14 pages - checked every textframe individually about 4 or 5 times now and cant find it. Any idea?
  7. Hey guys, unfortunately im having trouble with the grid not being displayed under Metal. Though i switched only to metal cause i reported another bug with faulty snapping behaviour where snapping wasnt reliable. Staff said to switch to metal - that worked for that, but brought up the bug with the grid not being displayed. So as it looks now i can choose between faulty snapping and no grid, but i urgently need both in my current project. By the way, this happens on my and my employees mac as well. Any suggestions? Tim
  8. farbenfeuer

    Snapping buggy?

    Yep, that seemed to have done the trick. Thanks alot Sean!
  9. Hey guys, im wondering if anyone else noticed buggy/faulty behaviour for snapping? Ever since the update in Designer as well as Publisher snapping seems to behave unreliable. no matter if grid or guides or other elements the ui feedback suggests a succesful snap, but when i zoom in its always - or at least often times - a bit off. I checked snapping settings and tried "turning it off and on again", but so far no change. Anybody experiencing the same or can the devs maybe help me here? Tim
  10. farbenfeuer

    Copy Paste not working anymore

    Ah perfect! Software affecting the clipboard was the right hint. I had unclutter running and in fact if it was the reason for the bug. Thanks for the tipp, Sean! Tim
  11. Well thats the problem. Theres no specific file or anything. It just happens randomly pretty much. At least i can't distinct any pattern here. I can only tell if it happens its when i double click those edges. *shrug*
  12. farbenfeuer

    Size adds 1px when creating slice

    Meanwhile i figured out, that even if you have forced pixel alignment it won't change the fact, that artboards still won't have round pixel numbers and therefore still produce the +1px results. So no matter what you do, you'll always have to check that your pixel numbers are rounded and most of the time you only see that when trying to export which means going back to do it. Might not seem like a big deal, but those couple seconds add up and as stated before feel pretty silly having to do...
  13. Couldn't find anything in regards to that bug either. Not all the time, but relatively often my app would freeze up (infinite beachball) when double clicking the text frame dots to have the frame size collapse to content size. I don't know under what circumstances this seems to happen, but its rather annoying.
  14. I hope i didnt miss anyone else already opening a topic for that, but i have the bug of AD not letting me copy paste stuff outside the app. Meaning i can cpp inside the app fine, but as soon as i try to paste that same text anywhere else it won't work. Any ideas?
  15. farbenfeuer

    Size adds 1px when creating slice

    Pixel Alignment Forcing wont help. If you do anything else than web or digital graphics you not only wont need it, but also don't want it - since you want to be able to align stuff in a smaller resolution than a pixel. It must be a pixel alignment ONLY for artboards. @Affinity wouldn't it be possible to integrate something like that? Small option in the settings "force pixel alignment only for artboards" or something?

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