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  1. So for everybody that has the same Problem: Apparently it has to do with external Monitors. For me, if i disable the monitor it works. Some seem to have success with resetting the SMC on mac. I didnt though.
  2. I dont think its that. My network was reachable and besides that i pretty much always save on my disk in specific client folders. MIght have no choice but to rollback -.-
  3. Ok this is actually weird: So i tested more apps to be sure and it seems like Affinity photo and Adobe Illustrator are fine whereas Designer, Publisher and Photoshop are not. So then im kinda clueless why that is... Edit: InDesign is fine too. So then i tried opening files i usually did in designer with photo and tried exporting, which seems to work fine. And google doesnt give me anything about this issue either. Kinda helpless here...
  4. As i said - No Dialog box at all. And actually yes, other apps like PS seem to have the same problem. In PS just nothing happesn when clicking save. Export dialog stays open, but when i click Save, nothing happens. So im guessing this emphasizes it to be more of a OS problem, than Affinity. Do you have any idea what it could be? I upgraded from the last version of Big Sur.
  5. I dont think i tested exporting on before i also upgraded to monterey. Yes i can see the calculation of estimated file size Nothing happens after clicking export. The export dialog just disappears but where the dialogue for where to export the file to should appear, nothing happens. It doesn't freeze or anything either. Saving the affinity changes works fine, but doing "save as" doesnt work either. With your hint i tried setting up "full disc access" for affinity designer and it still wont export.
  6. I first upgraded the affinity suite, then updated to monterey, then tried downgrading the affinity suite to the version bevor. Cant export anything. The dialog pops up and i can set everything as usual, but as soon as i click export nothing happens.
  7. Ever since i upgraded to Monterey and downloaded the new Affinity Version i cannot export anything anymore in any Affinity App. Needless to say this is CATASTROPHIC. I essentially cannot do my work anymore! The rollback to the older version of affinity didnt change anything either and that means i would have to downgrade the OS, which would take forever!
  8. Well it does not fix it for me. Its the same for the export persona. If i export artboards there, theres a faint white border around it. If i export it without the persona it works just fine... Saying this isn't a problem is a bit disappointing to hear to say the least....
  9. Next Months? How about right effin NOW?! This must be a hotfix within days! Im literally unable to finish my work because of that! Whenever i try to use the feature it randomly takes out points of rectangular shapes and makes it curve. im in the middle of time sensitive client work to finish up the logo and cant finish it because it always produces this crap.
  10. Apparently the problem isnt fixed yet, since im currently having the same issue. In my case theres a fine thin line on the exported jpgs all around and a thick one on top and a smaller one on the right on the eps export. Anybody know how to deal with this? Im Exporting under export persona and working with mm - tried force pixel alignment and whole numbers in the position - no fix yet.
  11. yea yep - nothing. I dont notice anything in particular? What do you mean by pasteboard? Oh and btw: i also noticed that when i double click text edge to make the frame snap back to its actual size, the text frame is then marked with the said text overflow indicators. So thats kinda curious too.
  12. yea yep - nothing. I dont notice anything in particular? What do you mean by pasteboard?
  13. Been having the same problem. Merely 14 pages - checked every textframe individually about 4 or 5 times now and cant find it. Any idea?
  14. Hey guys, unfortunately im having trouble with the grid not being displayed under Metal. Though i switched only to metal cause i reported another bug with faulty snapping behaviour where snapping wasnt reliable. Staff said to switch to metal - that worked for that, but brought up the bug with the grid not being displayed. So as it looks now i can choose between faulty snapping and no grid, but i urgently need both in my current project. By the way, this happens on my and my employees mac as well. Any suggestions? Tim
  15. Yep, that seemed to have done the trick. Thanks alot Sean!
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