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  1. I tried with OpenOffice, then tab-separated and comma-separated text. Now I have Excel on my computer and it works!
  2. Here’s a video tutorial on the topic (at 9:39): https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337317434/ It doesn’t work for me either. It places all of the content in the first cell.
  3. Hello Dave, thanks for your answer. I got a bunch of PDF files from a client, who exported them from Powerpoint (OK perhaps that's the problem). I attach one of these. When I open it in Affinity Photo two pictures are missing from the page. I can select them with the move tool but their layers are empty. Screenshot also attached. Thank you. 8408-M.pdf
  4. Hello, is there a way to import .pdf files as a flattened raster image in Affinity Photo? Currently it opens .pdf files as layered documents with editable text and vector objects (in many cases not properly representing every element). Thanks!