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  1. I hope i didnt miss anyone else already opening a topic for that, but i have the bug of AD not letting me copy paste stuff outside the app. Meaning i can cpp inside the app fine, but as soon as i try to paste that same text anywhere else it won't work. Any ideas?
  2. farbenfeuer

    Copy Paste not working anymore

    Ah perfect! Software affecting the clipboard was the right hint. I had unclutter running and in fact if it was the reason for the bug. Thanks for the tipp, Sean! Tim
  3. Well thats the problem. Theres no specific file or anything. It just happens randomly pretty much. At least i can't distinct any pattern here. I can only tell if it happens its when i double click those edges. *shrug*
  4. Couldn't find anything in regards to that bug either. Not all the time, but relatively often my app would freeze up (infinite beachball) when double clicking the text frame dots to have the frame size collapse to content size. I don't know under what circumstances this seems to happen, but its rather annoying.
  5. farbenfeuer

    Size adds 1px when creating slice

    Meanwhile i figured out, that even if you have forced pixel alignment it won't change the fact, that artboards still won't have round pixel numbers and therefore still produce the +1px results. So no matter what you do, you'll always have to check that your pixel numbers are rounded and most of the time you only see that when trying to export which means going back to do it. Might not seem like a big deal, but those couple seconds add up and as stated before feel pretty silly having to do...
  6. farbenfeuer

    Size adds 1px when creating slice

    Pixel Alignment Forcing wont help. If you do anything else than web or digital graphics you not only wont need it, but also don't want it - since you want to be able to align stuff in a smaller resolution than a pixel. It must be a pixel alignment ONLY for artboards. @Affinity wouldn't it be possible to integrate something like that? Small option in the settings "force pixel alignment only for artboards" or something?
  7. farbenfeuer

    Size adds 1px when creating slice

    No offense guys, but i still think this is a stupid behaviour that should be fixed or changed however possible. You shouldnt have to worry or think about that stuff. I dont even wanna go there to think about how much time i lost due to having to export images at least once over again, because it messed up the dimensions and i had to go back and fix the values. Or even just the couple seconds to everytime round up the values by hand. Those add up too. Plus it feels bad to have to remember to do that... And pixel alignment is something i hardly need or use at all, so theres that... Isn't it possible for you to just - as already suggested - force the alignment just for the artboards and make it an option in the settings to change that or something? I mean i can't imagine what you would need that for anyway, but at least its an option. I dont understand why we need to have free form artboard creation anyway. Make it a set grid, that i can configure, and have new artoards align to it automatically, so i dont have to spent time doing that also. Just my 2cents again. Remember my critique still comes from a place of love. Cheers
  8. Hey guys, so i just noticed this problem with colors in general with AD. Whenever i copy pasted vector into another program/app i noticed the colors were way off (like far too bright). I couldn't make much sense of it, until i now noticed something: If i take a color in cmyk - say 70/0/5/0 and double click that swatch in the swatches panel it looks all good. But when i choose RGB or anything else in the dropdown menu it completely destroys the color ending up with something like in the image attached. But when i double-click the front color thingy on the left side the (rgb)values are more in line with the cmyk ones. But then i compared it with the color picker from illustrator and with the same cmyk values the result is - not completely - but still a bit off. I love AD to death, but this could be a real dealbreaker to me, since i had already complains about wrong colors from clients and....well...i guess its obvious why this is a bad thing ;) Anybody else out there noticed this or knows what the problem is?
  9. Don't bother, serif doesn't either...
  10. Thanks for your input guys! :) I guess i will just exclude bigger projects such as displays and big banners n such and make seperate files for them and keep using one file for each web and print per client and see where it takes me. ;) Further feedback still appreciated though. Especially from the devs, if they maybe have a recommendation in this?!
  11. As the title says: I started with the idea to set up just one file for print and one for web for each of my clients. So that would mean i have all the different projects as artboards within one .afdesign file. Now i'm not so sure if this is intended, or handled well by AD? I guess i would need a quick feedback from a dev, if i should split them back up or if AD can easily handle files with up to 30, 40 or more artboards? I thought this way i could make better use of the document restricted symbols (you know, cause you can use symbols only within the same documents). In the meantime we got assets though and i'm wondering if i should use assets instead. This will mean it's - as far as i know - not auto-updating on all instances like symbols, but you don't have them bound to single documents. Or am i missing the point completely here? :D
  12. farbenfeuer

    Keybindings reset after quitting the app

    1.5.5 AppStore Version introduced the issue once again...
  13. farbenfeuer

    Size adds 1px when creating slice

    I have come to live with the fact that i have to double check and correct the positioning for every artboard i set up. It still is something id rather not have to do, but what can you do. Now on the other hand, i have experienced the similar problem but WITH the rounded positioning. Funny enough it worked the 7 or so times before that. To explain my process: I'm doing a webdesign for a client and wanted to put placeholder client logos in it. For that i downloaded a big image with a lot of small fake logos on it. I then set up the artboard and crop masked the part that i want to be shown, so you dont see the logos adjacent to the one shown. i then just simply exported the logo, moved over the image under the mask to bring the next logo in line to the visible area and then exported again - rinse and repeat. Now oddly enough, the first 6 times it worked as intended only from the 7th on it now all of a sudden adds 1px to the width - not the height of the image. Any ideas why that is? ps i have made screenshots, but for whatever reason i can't find a way to attach them... Can i only do that with my own threads or am i just blind right now? Oo
  14. Hey Guys, unfortunately somehow my AD is painfully slow since the update. Especially dragging stuff around or using brushes makes the app lagg for up to seconds. I was using the Beta all along but never noticed anything like that. Does anyone have a idea what it could be? Tim
  15. farbenfeuer

    Since 1.5.1 Performance is slow a. f.

    So relating performance. I had this particular vector file and i was wondering if you guys could take a look at it and see if it happens for you too. I downloaded "48621924" on adobe stock. It should be a file with couple of oldschool heart tattoo tingies. When i try to edit it, my AD lags out the wazoo. I ungrouped all of the groups and it gave me a beachball for about 10 minutes until it executed the command. Dragging around stuff also is as laggy and stuttery as you'd expect at that point. Is this in general something one can expect from large, or bad designed vector files due to the insane amount of details that have to be calculated or in fact something AD has to be improved on to handle files like that better? Cheers Tim
  16. farbenfeuer

    Size adds 1px when creating slice

    Well ok, but honestly i still think it shouldnt act that way. Sure knowing why it happens helps in future, to avoid it, but for every project it is an extra step to check the positioning and rounding it up to avoid it, which i should not have to think about. Pixelgrid alignment also isn't an option cause i don't always want that to be enabled. Don't get me wrong, i'm getting its a technical thing and how the app works and all that, i'm just giving you my user experience feedback and how i ultimately feel about it. If you can change it, in my humble opinion i think you should. If you can not, i would've loved a way to know about that, without having to spend a LOT of time looking through forum posts, then writing a bug report and yadayada. Think about more pro's trying to convert over from adobe like me. Even "small" things like that can be off-putting - especially if you're in a stage of "can i trust this app over adobe". You export your first document and what do you see? Your file output states a different pixel size than the one you specifically entered. As stated again and again. I'm very critical with my feedback, but mainly out of love for your product(s). I want it to be a thing, so i can have it as a thing. Ultimately though, i'm not walking the miles in your shoes. ;) Just my 2cents. Tim
  17. farbenfeuer

    Size adds 1px when creating slice

    So is this actually intentional or a bug to be fixed? Cause if I'm honest, i don't think this should happen at all. It makes no sense from a UX standpoint. the position on the axis shouldn't affect the height and width output of a document in any way, should it?
  18. hey MEB, i was trying the brush, i think some other tools too, but not sure anymore.
  19. So, i'm not sure if i'm just doing it wrong or if AD is having a bug there, but when i take over a image from Photo with a mask that behaves exactly like in PS - i.e. take a brush and paint white/black to add/subtract, but as soon as i try that in AD - even the pixel persona - it wont let me add anymore. Regardless if i paint black or white, i always subtract. Am i doing it wrong or discovered a bug indeed?
  20. Still having the problem as well. It seems to happen when you set up colors in cmyk and then switch via the dropdown menu to hsl or rgb or whatever. Suddenly the colors get all funky - like extremely saturated and bright and its not just UI - the values are completely bonkers too then. This is extremely unsettling to say the least. Again: Professionals are supposed to work with this, but if i can't trust the color values, i can't really trust the app as a whole for anything... But yeah, it has already been confirmed by the devs but yet no update for 7 months... Affinity? Cmon guys - this isnt like some minor glitch or anything. This is major and shouldn't be anything but top priority no? At least an update on the topic.
  21. hey guys. So i noticed right after, that when i specifically click the black in the swatches it then works. So it seems there indeed is something off with the colors. I also have noticed general problems with the whole color wheel/thingy. Even back when i started to use AD i noticed that color values that are actually defined in cmyk get totally bonkers when you click the hex/rgb field, which you only seem to notice if you look at the values again, or export it, but the color on the shapes themselves look still fine. Hard to explain but i'm also not sure how it is atm, since i havent specifically tried it ever since.
  22. farbenfeuer

    Keybindings reset after quitting the app

    Ok new beta version doesn't have the problem anymore.
  23. Hmn, yea i know theres a huge difference in the interpolation methods, but i was directly comparing the bilinears just for testing. Lanczos seems better on first glance, but with PS method on auto it still has slightly more contrast/sharpness. Well i guess its just how it is. Can't expect the newcomer to beat the long time "champion" in every aspect now can you. ;)
  24. Hello all, in direct comparison i noticed, that images that are resized in PS are looking way better especially in terms of sharpness than in AP or AD. Can anybody confirm this, or am i just doing somethin wrong here? i know this has to do with interpolation but i used "bilinear" for both to make it fair. Regards Tim