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    macalienx got a reaction from DonaldDymn in Problems with exporting   
    I bought you´re app AD a few days ago and i´m am very happy with it.
    But i have a little trouble here i hope you could help.
    I´m working with and old macbook from late 2008 with the 10.9.5 osx installed.
    I have a problem with exporting my work. I texported in .Jpg and .Png and i´m not able to select the option to export the area i want... so i can only export the all document...
    Thanks in advanced
    Best regards 
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    macalienx reacted to ronnyb in Link instead of embedding image   
    Both embedding and linking are useful...
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    macalienx got a reaction from Leigh in Printing cards with bleed   
    Thanks Leigh, i will try that. I hope this feature comes in the future. It safes lots of time. 
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    macalienx reacted to Leigh in Printing cards with bleed   
    There's not automatic feature at the moment within the app - I'm sure it will come in the future.
    You could export your design to PDF with bleeds and crop marks enabled and then use Apple's Preview to print multiple copies of the PDF on A3. Alternatively, you could create an A3 document in Designer and then use File > Place to add your PDF the page. You can the duplicate the placed PDF as many times as you need and position :)
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    macalienx reacted to MEB in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (   
    Hello macalienx,
    Guides/Grids: there 's some improvements coming that will address some of those issues. 
    Nudges: you can already set the nudge distances and units in the latest Beta;
    Text: No to both questions;
    Vectors: this is something that may come later (long term)
    Printing: there will be some printing improvements (mostly for professional printing) that may help here. Check Affinity Designer's roadmap for more info;
    PDF exporting issue: Can you attach the file here (or a dropbox link) so we can take a look?
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    macalienx reacted to MEB in what about Pasteboard design area?   
    Hi uridj,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    The pasteboard will be coming soon along with other improvements.
    It's taking a little because the dev team was working on other features.
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    macalienx reacted to MEB in Bleed Settings   
    Hello jglick,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums.
    I can't give you a specific timeframe yet, other than assure you that bleed options are coming to AD. 
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    macalienx reacted to Ash in Scaling objects by a percentage   
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    macalienx reacted to MattP in Importing Pdf and Postscript files into AD   
    Simply open the file, not place it. This way you'll open it as an editable document. If you've placed it on your page instead, you can double-click it to edit the embedded document you've just made.
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    macalienx reacted to MattP in Full screen and hide tool pallets   
    I think that Andy Tang might have a little surprise for you for the next beta ;)
    All of the technology was already there because you can already hide everything separately - it just needed Tab to do all of the actions at once, which he has now wired up for the next beta :)
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    macalienx reacted to MEB in Full screen and hide tool pallets   
    No. not possible currently. This was discussed previously but probably fall of the radar due to other features with higher priority.
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    macalienx reacted to 3quid in Full screen and hide tool pallets   
    First post here. Been visiting a lot as I try to get my workflow sorted out using AD instead AI.
    OP - I wanted to do exactly the same, I miss being able to hide everything quickly and then bring it back. I know it doesn't completely solve your problem but with AD in OS X fullscreen and by choosing View > Studio > Hide Studio (Shortcut ⇧+⌘+H) you can hide most of what gets in the way . You can combine this with View > Show Toolbar (shortcut ⌥+⌘+T) and View > Show Tools (no shortcut by default).
    ​You can obviously change these shortcuts to whatever you want via Keyboard in System Preferences - maybe change to something that uses the same modifiers i.e. ⌥+⌘+T, ⌥+⌘+H and ⌥+⌘+Y (I chose 'Y' as an example because it's near 'T' and 'H')
    Hope that helps a bit until Tab clears the clutter :)
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    macalienx reacted to KateM in Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Affinity Tools!   
    The creative guys here at Serif Labs knocked up keyboard shortcuts cheat sheets - hope you find them useful!
    Now updated PDFs for 1.4
    Affinity Photo
    Affinity Designer
    Both together
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    macalienx reacted to azguy in CDR Import   
    Please add the ability to import CDR files. 
    Lately, clients have started mentioning that they would like to move away from CorelDraw.  You might be surprised how many Mac users are using CorelDraw via Bootcamp or Parallels.  Now that Serif (Affinity) is supporting the Mac they want to migrate away from CorelDraw.
    However, they feel trapped with CorelDraw because:
    They do not want to lose their CDR files created over many years.
    In addition, they want to avoid exporting hundreds of files out of CorelDraw one at a time so the files could be used elsewhere.
    Here is an opportunity for Affinity to make friends in the Mac community.  Make Affinity products able to perfectly import Adobe and Corel files.  Do this and you will have an automatic customer base for a long time.
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    macalienx reacted to Raskolnikov in CDR Import   
    Looks like Adobe and Corel and doing it lately really bad ...
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    macalienx got a reaction from FWI in Printing cards   
    thanks anyway.
    Hope that it is in your "to do" list.
    it would be great to have that option in the future.
    i'll keep tying your app. till now i think you are on the right way! :)
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    macalienx reacted to Jens Krebs in FILE CDR   
    Nope, but it has been requested several times, so the developers know about people wishing to do so.
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    macalienx reacted to maggdos in FILE CDR   
    can i open files with the extension .cdr from corel draw?
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    macalienx reacted to Dave Harris in Manipulate Text in Affinity Designer   
    Fitting text to paths is a feature we will be adding later at no extra cost.
    If by "break text apart" you mean converting it to curves, we can do that already. You can also use text to clip other shapes without converting it to curves.
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    macalienx reacted to Rogbike in Manipulate Text in Affinity Designer   
    Hi Just bought Affinity Designer 1.12 as it was billed as the alternative to Adobe Illustrator. I used to use Corel Draw but after upgrading to latest Mac OS X I am unable to use it.. Very disappointed to learn that I can't manipulate text. what I want to do is fit text to paths, and break text apart, but I am unable to do it. If I attempt to open a document that has Manipulated text then it doesn't display that text. So what am I to do?

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