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  1. To all users who have experienced this problem: please don't delete any fonts or rebuild the font cache. The current beta should fix the problem without doing that. If it doesn't, please let us know! Thanks.
  2. We will be investigating this issue. There are many aspects to consider.
  3. Hi Jeremy, I'm afraid we have decided to keep the current behaviour for 1.8. We currently show all installed fonts regardless of language, in common with other non-Apple software. If we start hiding fonts of certain languages, there will be problems for any documents that already use such fonts. We would like to fix this properly by adding language filtering to the font list, but there is currently no timeline for this.
  4. Not a regression - the previous fix was for iOS only, we now need to do something similar for Mac.
  5. Please note, the term "pointer devices" here refers to devices that use the Windows Pointer Input API, i.e. Surface pen and Wacom tablets. We have always had right and middle click support for mice!
  6. OK, well I've never seen ripples like that. Before we disabled them, the click ripples were smaller, thinner and whiter than those. The expected right-click feedback is more a little white circle than a ripple - see attached.
  7. Hi Aongus, This shouldn't be happening. As Mark mentioned, we explicitly disable feedback ripples´╗┐ for clicking. I can't reproduce your behaviour, either on an Intuos 4 or Cintiq 13HD. It's a long shot, but have you tried turning off "Enable press and hold for right-clicking"? This unfortunately seems to be unavoidable. See 1. You should be able to long-press a word to invoke the selection UI.
  8. Hi all, We have recently identified the cause of this problem, and we'll be fixing it in a forthcoming beta. Thanks, Jon
  9. Hi all, There are several tablet issues which we have fixed for the next beta, including the cursor / brush outline one and right clicking. @Frozen Death Knight - disabling Windows Ink will make your tablet work like a mouse - you won't get any pressure information.
  10. Yes it is. The thumbnail handler is used by Explorer to generate thumbnails for all our file types (.afdesign, .afphoto, afpub). Only one DLL can be registered for each file type. It absolutely has to be a shared component - sorry!
  11. Hi meadow, The thumbnail handler is a shared component, which means that if you install multiple Affinity products there will be only one thumbnail handler, shared between all the products. This is why it's in a folder called "Common", and not the one you chose for the application specific files.
  12. Hi monzo, This will be fixed in Publisher 1.7.2.
  13. Hi karlchen68, Can you confirm that the problem only occurs when you drag an image, not when you open it from the File menu? The dragging bug is not fixed in the current beta (, but it will be in the next one.
  14. Hello, It should be fixed in the next beta. We'll post in the beta forum when we release it.
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