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  1. Hi Affinity forum I made my first entry to a Threadless challenge and of course i used Affinity Designer, so I thought i would post it here. Found the sentence in my old sketchbook along with some other weird stuff about animals doing questionable policework... so thought I would give it a go. If you like the design and have a Threadless account, feel free to vote. https://www.threadless.com/designs/cheese-21?utm_source=notification&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Design-Approved God day to all of you and GOOO Affinity Designer for iPad!!
  2. Hi, I have no idea why it's doing that. But I also get weird shapes when I do what you have done. If you draw the shape with the pen tool in "pen mode" there is no problem.
  3. Thank you very much Henry... og et rigtig godt nytår til dig også :) I agree, it's nice to do a bit of digital traveling :)
  4. Thanks Alfred I actually thought about glazing the bird in mustard with drops of mustard dripping on the floor. But then decided to keep it family friendly.
  5. Oh, it's the mouse who is named Søren, but it would be a better story if it was the Banjo :) It seems that the original song it's based on is from a Broadway production "The Echo" back in 1910... well, you learn something new everyday. Thanks Madame. I'll have to see if some of my norwegian friends knows it :)
  6. Oh yes, that looks amazing! I'm gonna go get it right away. Great work!
  7. Thank you Kodiak, glad you like it. By the way, no animals was hurt in the process of making this illustration :)
  8. Well, it doesn't really make sense in english but I thought I would post it anyway and wish you all a merry Christmas at the same time. The text on the illustration is from a danish Christmas song about "Søren Banjomus" (a mouse with a banjo named Søren) and the chorus goes: "Skille-ma-dinke-dinke-du..."(which doesn't really mean anything). When my son was younger it sounded like "Skille-ma-dinke-skinke-due" Skinke = ham and due = pigeon, and that word got stuck in my head. Yesterday the Christmas spirit hit me and transformed into this illustration :) Merry Christmas Michael
  9. Hi everyone A long time since I posted something here, and I still haven't found time to finish any of it yet :) But I just started a small project at work which I thought I would share here. It is still very early in the progress and I kind of got ahead of myself before I was sure of what I wanted to do... so now I'm going back to the drawing board to plan this out. I hope it will end with a cover illustration for our companys e-magazine with the theme "Planet Customer" It is really nice to see all the beautiful stuff everyone is doing in AD and I hope to be a more frequent user of these forums, instead of just watching. Have a great day. Michael
  10. That looks really amazing. The Three Level Hydraulic Flight Chair Lift is a stroke of genius... imagine that view!
  11. A little update. Hadn't had much time with all the Christmas preparations. But found time for a little progress. Still need to finish the girls and somehow make the smoke combine the whole image and tone down parts of the jetpacks. And then some small details. Hope to find some more time between Christmas and New Year. Merry Christmas to everyone :)
  12. Thanks guys for the kind comments. Really happy that you like the style and I'm looking forward to finish this one. Only 4 more days until the christmas holiday where I hope to find time to finish it. Yes, that is a not quite finished jetpack/engine. Every evening when we put the kids to bed we have a race from the livingroom to the bathroom to brush our teeth. And before we run we put on all kinds of "engines" to help us get there fast. There is going to be a few small stories in the illustration like that.
  13. Hi everyone I've been visiting this forum for more than a year now, and thought it was about time to post something. I'm working on a poster of my small family that I intend to print if it turns out good. Still a long way to go, a lot of details I want to add and textures etc... I have never been good at posting the things I make, but thought it would be a good place to start here, since Affinity is the reason I started enjoying working with vectors again :) Thanks for watching. Michael
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