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  1. Hej Affy - Fans, I am very grateful for all the answers to my question. 3 months later I had the latest possible update for my system on it, should work now ... 🤗 Greets Noxxi 🤜🤛
  2. Hej Steff, I had the same experience. As far as I could find out within this forum, a downgrade to 1.7 is only possible if the app was purchased on the homepage of Affinity.I experience the same probs, but as far as I know after heving read all. Greets Noxxi
  3. ... besides all your mentioned bugs I've to mention the following: This 1.81. update has caused extreme losses in my workflow. Was this update at the expense of the CPU? 🤔 😕 😯 😖 LG Noxxi
  4. some several & 4 millennia later don't take this too serious ... 55-55-55 - - - new GrEEn-GrUnch-Counting, which we all do know but don't care about. ...
  5. but 21-12-2112 will look nice, too and 22-22-2222 sowieso, just kidding
  6. Nice work... but Font Color doesn't match my "taste"...
  7. Hej hej, I'd liked being able to draw and use AF and AP as you do. So many awsome works in here, chapeau ... Aber seit meiner Kindheit habe ich mich immer wieder mit Formen und Farben beschäftigt und dieses Thema setze ich nun in serif apps um, auf die ich seit Black Friday 2019 aufmerksam gemacht wurde. Vile Funktionen, die ich noch kennenlernen und optimieren muss greets Noxxi
  8. Hej CT-Scott, what about planning & building a new project, which one's yours daughter own? Sheet of white paper is the best impulse for new ideas ... greets
  9. Arbeitsspeicher: Falls es sich um diese hier handeln sollte, können diese doch auf Partitionen innerhalb des Rechners aufgetelt werden (wie in Adobe PhoSho); falls es um etwas anderes geht, never mind. LG Noxxi
  10. Big deal ; ) Don't know if those steps were hard to walk ... Never mind, LG Noxxi
  11. I've been watching now this forum for about some weeks, but - though it's doubtless very helpful - , many EnglishTerms don't match my English Language Knowledge. Does someone know a current valid GERMAN Affinity Forum ? TY & Greets Noxxi
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