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    craiigman reacted to Pšenda in How to use space around artboard?   
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    craiigman reacted to Gear maker in Why is my text on a path slanting?   
    craiigman, I would guess from this image that you have a shear specified.  May 6 or 7 degrees.  With out having the file that would be the obvious guess.  Check on the Character panel.
    I over laid a star shape just to make it easier to see.  When I recreated it but making sure there was no shear but with the same font and size it looks good.

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    craiigman got a reaction from Alfred in How to create better scaleable shapes   
    Thank you!
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    craiigman reacted to Alfred in How to create better scaleable shapes   
    In the Advanced section of the Stroke Studio there’s a ‘Scale with Object’ switch.
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    craiigman reacted to Callum in Do you need to buy all from same place for Studio Link to work?   
    Hi Craiigman,
    No it doesn't matter where you purchased the app from Studio Link will work provided all apps are installed in the root of your applications folder.
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    craiigman reacted to Dan C in Does the About Centre option exist on desktop?   
    Hi craiigman
    You can use the CTRL/CMD key when creating shapes to draw them from a centre point. I hope this helps!
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    craiigman got a reaction from photoadele in Fill in Paths on Affinity Designer   
    Good stuff. Out of curiosity, how would you undo expanded strokes or is this the only way? Also what are expanded strokes lol
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    craiigman reacted to Paul Mudditt in How to create better scaleable shapes   
    Ah ok. Have you tried using symbols, a different symbol for each set of petals. Then you can adjust and move them in and out to retain symmetry.
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    craiigman got a reaction from Aammppaa in How to create better scaleable shapes   
    Thank you! My actual reaction was “you legend”. Was hoping it was something simple like that.
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    craiigman reacted to Aammppaa in How to create better scaleable shapes   
    Looks like you are using the Corner Tool.
    You need to bake the corners (or simply convert to curves again) before you scale the shape.
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    craiigman got a reaction from William Overington in My first logos/basic characters   
    I got Affinity Designer on my iPad earlier this week. I’ve not used Illustrator before and only have some knowledge of photoshop. Quite happy with the first few, just some basic shape designs playing with gradients as well.
    Let me know what you think  

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    craiigman got a reaction from Paul Mudditt in Photo - How to add a "screenshot" layer?   
    Haha sorry I just couldn't work out how to word it, hence why google was no help. But glad you could decipher, thank you again.
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