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Hello again!

I was given a hand-drawn logo to make into a digital EPS. I used the pen tool to create a black outline. Now I want to fill in with colour and some gradients, but I won't let me. I searched but couldn't find a solution. I've included screenshots to show you the layers(a few of them). 

Thanks so much!


Affinity Designer - <Untitled> [Modified] (150.0%) 2019-06-28 10-11-59.jpg

Affinity Designer - <Untitled> [Modified] (150.0%) 2019-06-28 10-12-22.jpg

Affinity Designer - <Untitled> [Modified] (150.0%) 2019-06-28 10-12-41.jpg

Affinity Designer - <Untitled> [Modified] (150.0%) 2019-06-28 10-16-18.jpg

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  • Staff

Hi photoadele,

How are you trying to apply the fill?

I was able to grab the Gradient Fill tool and apply a Gradient fill directly the letter F by dragging over the letter.  Same with the letter A.  If you want to do this to all the letter, you can try selecting all the letters and then using Layer>Geometry>Xor and this should create one large curve from all the letter and if you click and drag the Fill Tool over these the colour will be applied to everything.   

If none of that works, can you attach the .afdesign file and i'll take a look at why it might not be working :) 

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From the screen grabs, it looks like the letters are individual objects, and I'd expect to be able to select each or all, and, using the fill pop-out, assign color of gradient. The wall, however is just a collection of lines. Affinity doesn't work like a paint program. To fill an area, it must have a surrounding vector. You might try selecting the outer boundary of the wall, and join the curves w. the node tool. Then that can have a fill, and the brick lines and letters can be on a layer above.

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What works here is to draw each line with the pen tool and a thinner border width stroke than for the end result. After this select all and go Geometrie->Merge. Double that curve element and set back the original stroke width. Select the thinner one below in Layers panel and go context-click: Rasterize... With that layer active go into Pixel Persona mode - grab the Flood Fill tool and fill each element with colours or gradient or whatever. When done export to EPS and the result will be a mix of editable SVG paths with raster image fills - when you can live with that. ;)



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Almost there, thank you all for your help!

I'm trying to get the middle areas of the A and the R to be transparent on that pink wall. The client wants these colours, she wants a "Prince of Bel Air feel". So I'm playing with the gradients, but I'm trying to get them all uniform, I tried to select all the letters at once and apply a gradient, but I'm missing something, so each one looks a bit wonky. 


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11 minutes ago, PixelPest said:

Ok - I did a bit of cleaning up, because there are still doubles all over the place and do 2 Boolean subtraction on "A" and "R" to get the holes back.

Then Merge the tag and add 1 gradient + 1 shadow for fun:



THANK YOU so much!!! This software is taking me quite a bit to get the hang of after working with Illustrator....I'm usual this dense....:S

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On 7/1/2019 at 11:42 AM, stokerg said:

Cześć fotoadele,

Jak próbujesz wypełnienie?

Udało mi się chwycić narzędzie Gradient Fill i wypełnienie gradientem bezpośrednio do F, przeciągając po niej. To samo z literą A. Jeśli chcesz to zrobić z całą literą, możesz testować wszystkie litery, a następnie test Warstwa> Geometria> Xor, co powinno stanowić jedną dużą krzywą z całej litery i jeśli klikniesz i przeciągniesz Wypełnij narzędzie nad nimi, kolor zostanie zastosowany do wszystkiego.   

Jeśli nic z tego nie działa, czy możesz załączyć plik .afdesign, a ja przyjrzę się, dlaczego może nie działać :) 

Select all layers with letters and use "add" and after fill the gradient. 

Screen 3.jpg


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