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  1. This is hidden so far you have to have read this thread in order to know this feature exists. (there is a usability hint hidden in this statement)
  2. I don't want to complain to much about otherwise great design tool, but every time I need some feature from Designer I find a thread like this where it is already requested for years.
  3. I'm sorry I do not get why you are telling all this stuff about where selection belongs to. What does it matter? Selection is still a vector (a geometric, connected shape defined by X.Y coordinates of its points), and in its nature it cannot have overlapping areas of its own parts. Which makes it simple and perfectly suitable for implementing the requested delete feature by applying the exact same modifications as the "Image layer" has, and deleting the pixels in the original bitmap even though the original bitmap is contained inside a scaled and skewed "Image layer". I'm willing to bet two beers that once I got familiar with the codebase of Affinity I could code such operation in a day. This is not what I call hard to build.
  4. Seriously, I don't know why just wrote that. That message contains no added value to the matter in question.
  5. Saving to file and embedding otherwise simply pasted bitmaps, just to be able to delete selection once? For each bitmap in every new design document? ehm..
  6. Any progress on this? I need this almost on every time I use Designer
  7. Thanks. I got that from the previous posts in this thread. The functionality is a useful addition, which allows out of the box image manipulation without losing the resolution and revert changes. I also understand that current versions of Affinity Designer/Photo are unable to delete bitmap pixels form a selection on top of an Image layer. From my perspective it should be possible to implement ('walking ants' selection path is a single vector path anyway, so just apply size/scale/skew from the image layer in reverse order to the underlying original bitmap and delete those pixels. voila). This should be applicable to Erase Brush tool just as easy. Please put this on your roadmap. You know people want it.
  8. That's simply not a good explanation of why deleting is not possible. Vectors consist of multiple geometric shapes laid on top of each other, which is the reason you can't select by color or delete that selection. Image layer still contains one single bitmap. Scaled, rotated, stretched or not, there is nothing that makes Select Brush > Delete impossible to build in. Users are complaining about this missing basic feature since 2016. I don't think it is anyone's interest to defend the lack of it and point people to the workarounds.
  9. wow. ok. So you are saying: - it is impossible to delete selection without rasterizing - that every time I just want to delete a part of an image I need to DRAW a mask in THAT SHAPE? And who is going to pay me for the lost hours? I don't believe what I'm reading here. That's something that is done in almost any other tool in seconds..
  10. I find it horrible UX when I fail to perform such a basic as select > delete selection What if I don't want to rasterize the image? How do I delete selection from an "Image" without rasterizing it??
  11. I have a symbol that, on itself, unlinked "Structure" attribute. And now it doesn't want to link it back no matter what I do. Copypasting a symbol, creating a new instance by dragging from a Symbols panel, making intense love to the Sync button, nothing really makes the symbol to behave like a symbol again. All other symbols in the file work fine and inherit changes. Is it related to this thread? Designer
  12. I can't find this " File ▸ New Batch Job " menu item. Is it removed?
  13. I'm wondering what the viewpoint is of the developers at Serif. Are you guys working on it? or is it one of the features you put in "won't fix" bucket?
  14. I saw the implementation thanks to a guy on youtube. Though it is completely useless because it is not in Designer. I would need to purchase Photo just to add perspective to bitmaps, and that would only cover 30% of my perspective needs. I need perspective as a part of my main design process inside the same tool which can apply/modify perspective on the fly to bitmaps, vectors and symbol instances. Affinity Photo perspective implementation is really beautifully made and this is exactly what I'm asking here as a feature of Designer.
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