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  1. I can't find this " File ▸ New Batch Job " menu item. Is it removed?
  2. I'm wondering what the viewpoint is of the developers at Serif. Are you guys working on it? or is it one of the features you put in "won't fix" bucket?
  3. I saw the implementation thanks to a guy on youtube. Though it is completely useless because it is not in Designer. I would need to purchase Photo just to add perspective to bitmaps, and that would only cover 30% of my perspective needs. I need perspective as a part of my main design process inside the same tool which can apply/modify perspective on the fly to bitmaps, vectors and symbol instances. Affinity Photo perspective implementation is really beautifully made and this is exactly what I'm asking here as a feature of Designer.
  4. I'm really needing a free transform tool that can handle Vector shapes and groups Bitmaps Symbols (with whatever is inside it) Sample use case attached. Affinity Designer Freetransform Distort Tool Feature Request.mp4
  5. Any status update on this? I'm using 1.7 beta, is it maybe already there?
  6. I just want to add that I came here after I failed to get rid of the guides by moving them in the empty space between the artboards in v1.7. I've read here that it should have worked, so I gave it another shot by moving the guides beyond the last artboard, and only then it worked.
  7. Count my vote on guides distance measure Fireworks style! Being able to measure distance between guidelines is the reason, mostly only reason I use guides during design process.
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