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Export slices - Shortcut

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I've been searching for some time for a way to give Export Slices in Export Persona Mode a keyboard shortcut, so I can easily export all art works with 1 keypress.

So far I found no possibility to set this shortcut.

It simply doesn't exist in File > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts

It should be assignable since it's one of the most useful commands in Affinity Designer :)



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On 8/21/2019 at 9:59 AM, Dan C said:

Unfortunately there's no keyboard shortcut option for this currently, I'll move this thread to our Feedback section for our devs to see and consider!

It is not for a dev to consider - this is user experience designer territory. The dev will simply implement it when the decision is made.

At least in a professional setup, of course.


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13 hours ago, Jowday said:

this is user experience designer territory

A "user experience designer" is technically still a developer: they develop the design of the user interface, which is then implemented by a code developer.

It is hardly impossible for one person to be skilled at both, and that often needs to be the case for people working on smaller projects or for independent developers doing one-man-band applications.

It is similarly not unreasonable to think that Serif may have developers on their team who are skilled at both - the overall design of the Affinity applications is not bad, though they do have a few rough edges in places.

That said, if you have developers multitasking and doing both things, they may do well at their own corners of the UI, but keeping things synced with other developers while focused on other, particularly larger tasks such as major new features, could be somewhat challenging.

Consider all of the numerous requests throughout the forums begging for major features such as tracing bitmaps into vectors, 1-bit image support, color separations, and so on, and contrast that with the numerous "little things" like undo/redo buttons for the main toolbar and keyboard shortcuts for just about everything under the sun.

In even a very large company, there are only so many resources to go around.  No matter how much even a dedicated UX/UI designer might indicate that certain things should happen, in the end a software developer / coder will be involved in making it happen.  This means there will be a balancing act between cleaning up after all the little stuff, and making progress on the bigger stuff.

If Serif stops work on the big stuff for a while to get all of the little stuff wrapped up, users will complain all the more and jump ship that the big stuff isn't happening.  If they focus more on the big stuff at the expense of the little stuff, users will continue to complain about "UX" this and "UI" that and there is an admittedly slightly smaller probability, but still a possibility that many of them will jump ship as well.

In the end this has little to do with whether there is a dedicated UX/UI developer as opposed to a developer skilled with both and splitting time between the two tasks, it is a balancing act on the time of the developers regardless.

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40 minutes ago, vib said:

3 years!

From August 2019 to October 2020 is, as Ralf said, over a year. Not three years.

Mac Pro (Late 2013) Mac OS 11.7.3 
Affinity Designer 2.0.4 | Affinity Photo 2.0.4 | Affinity Publisher 2.0.4 | Beta versions as they appear.

I have never mastered color management, period, so I cannot help with that.

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