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  1. Windows 10 Affinity Designer So here's a weird bug with the node tool: Steps Select pen tool Select line mode Draw a straight line Select node tool Marquee select nodes Expected result I can select the 2 nodes with the marquee selection. Actual result I can't select the 2 nodes with the marquee selection. I have to click on the individual nodes to select them. Interestingly, after you moved a node, the marquee selection works as expected. Just not with new and straight lines. Affinity Designer 2019-05-14 11-33-52.mp4
  2. As a interface designer I'd like to create a styleguide document with all my components / symbols and reuse them in different documents / interfaces. - When opening a document with linked symbols, the symbols should get updated to the most recent state (or give me a prompt to do so). Why not everything in one document? Complex interfaces can easily have more than 100 screens / artboards and organizing them in 1 file get's messy.
  3. @firstdefence thanks for the advice, good to know you can do this. Yeah, I'd love to see Affinity Designer improve the symbol feature and get it on par with the other top design tools.
  4. Syncing or re-syncing are really useful. However, my suggestion is you can alter the text of each instance, while keeping the style. Here's me doing a quick example in Gravit Designer, Adobe XD and I think Sketch have similar possiblities: Untitled - Gravit Designer 2019-03-07 18-59-44.mp4
  5. Okay, sorry. I probably didn't phrase my feedback correctly. I would like to type a unique text for each symbol instance. The key issue here is that all symbols will share the same text content. Here's an example from Adobe XD: So each of the symbol instance can have it unique text content, but you can also overwrite the changes in the master symbol.
  6. As a user I like to define symbols and then alter the text of the instances. This would vastely improve the reusability of symbols. (See Adobe XD, Gravit Designer)
  7. I appreciate that Affinity Designer has symbols, but the feature is still very bare bones. To make it more usefull in case of. f.e. interface design, symbols with states would be very helpful. Usecase Design a navigation with highlighted items. You don't want to have a single navigation symbol for each state. Instead you want to design your navigation once and reuse it in all the subpages of your interface, ensuring a consistent style across your project. Solution A The user can define states in the symbol. This could be an initial, hover and active state for a button. Or the active items of a navigation. When using the symbol, the user can select the state of the symbol. (See Photoshop with layer compositions in smart objects, or Sketch) Solution B The user can create layers and folders in the symbol. The visibility of these layers can be toggled when using the symbol. In the case of a navigation, the user can create an active state for each navigation item. When using the symbol, he only makes the current active item visible. (See Gravit Designer)