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  1. Hello, I've been installing looaads of brushes/palettes/assets for Designer and now realised I need to copy it all over again for Photo (and possibly Publisher) which would triple my user folders to over 6GB with duplicated data! It's a waste of NVME drive space firstly, but my main gripe is that it's become quite a chore to manage 3 sets of identical data across the Affinity apps... So I was wondering, am I able to use a symbolic link for the "user" folder across Designer/Photo/Publisher? e.g. C:\Documents\Affinity\Designer\1.0\user (original data) C:\Documents\Affinity\Photo\1.0\user (symbolic link from Designer) C:\Documents\Affinity\Publisher\1.0\user (symbolic link from Designer) I've tried it and its working, I'm just worried if there's something I'm over looking that will cause future conflicts or corruption?
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