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  1. Thank you, maybe I'm recalling it wrong then. Or maybe I'm thinking of Krita or some other open-source project with SVGs of the icons. I could swear it was Affinity though, I remember being really impressed by the designs and how they were all available on one sheet! Here's a mock up, I think it looked something like this (complete with guides and had all the application icons):
  2. Did all the Affinity icons ever exist as a table of editable vectors? I have a strong memory of seeing all the Affinity toolbar icons laid out in an afdesign document. I think it was an example file maybe? I've been looking for about an hour but can't find it anywhere. I remember thinking it was so cool to seeing how the icons were made! But now I'm wondering if I imagined it... 🤔
  3. Okay, had a go at seeing if I could swap the default OS cursor only when Affinity apps are active. And it works! It's a Windows only solution since it requires AutoHotkey to run the script. Obviously not an ideal solution having to open up a third-party program every time you use an Affinity product just to change the cursor, but it's better than nothing! The script (attachment: Affinity_Black_Cursor.ahk) checks to see if any Affinity apps are active. If active, the OS cursor is set to black (attachment: display_black_arrow.cur). If any other application is active, the cursor is res
  4. Yup, I'm on Windows! I didn't want to mention it as I was curious seeing Mac users experienced I only realised it today when I opened Illustrator (I've migrated and not used it in mooonnths) because their Move/Node tool does change between black and white. Thanks for the video h_d, I get those additional markers too on the cursor at various locations along a spline/node. But I've also noticed that some nodes seem to shrink when the Corner tool is active though. So I'll think I have the Node tool active, but it's actually the Corner tool, like this: And sometimes I'll
  5. Does anyone else's cursor not change to black? My arrow tool remains the default OS theme's arrow cursor. I'm often getting confused about which selection tool I've got active since my Move tool looks very similar to the Node tool. And the Node tool looks identical to the Corner tool. Is the cursor supposed to turn black like the Toolbar's icon? Is my system is being weird?
  6. Hello, I've been installing looaads of brushes/palettes/assets for Designer and now realised I need to copy it all over again for Photo (and possibly Publisher) which would triple my user folders to over 6GB with duplicated data! It's a waste of NVME drive space firstly, but my main gripe is that it's become quite a chore to manage 3 sets of identical data across the Affinity apps... So I was wondering, am I able to use a symbolic link for the "user" folder across Designer/Photo/Publisher? e.g. C:\Documents\Affinity\Designer\1.0\user (original data) C:\Documents\Affinity\Phot
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