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Glyphs - how to insert? (Affinity Designer)

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I have Fontexplorer installed where I have a font with some graphical glyphs in it. The glyphs have a character code / glyph id and unicode.


How can I insert these types of graphics into Affinity? I struggle to find a way to insert font chars based on a "code"..


I would optimally as a long time Adobe user see a way to "show glyphs" of fonts and insert them "that way" (like in Illustrator).

Thanks for any help!

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We support the standard Edit > Emoji & Symbols panel. Unfortunately it looks like Yosemite has crippled it making it less useful for browsing characters by their code. You can still type a Unicode value into the search panel, eg U+2020 will find the dagger. You may need to expand the panel first. We don't currently have any way to insert characters by their font glyph id.

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You can insert Unicode characters on a Mac by following these steps:


1. Open System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Input Sources

2. Click on the [ + ] on bottom left

3. Search for "unicode"

4. Add "Unicode Hex Input"

5. Switch to using "Unicode Hex Input"

6. Enter desired code by holding down Option key (alt) and pressing the actual code


You can use this for example with Font Awesome.


1. Download the font: https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/

2. Install it using Font Book

3. Create a text block in Affinity Designer

4. Switch input source to "Unicode Hex Input"

5. Lookup a code from the cheatsheet: https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/cheatsheet/

6. Hold down Option (alt) and type "f0f3" to get the "bell" icon, for example



Hope this helps.

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Hi! Any update on a glyph panel in the program? I am having some real trouble inserting German text...


Would be REALLY helpful!


Best wishes.


Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, Songb♪rd. :) Wonderfully inventive username, by the way! B)


I see from your first post that you are a Windows user. You should be able to use the Windows Character Map for this, but there are some better alternatives, one of which is to install a German keyboard in Windows.


I like and use TypeIt. Go to this page to type German characters without a German keyboard.

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You're welcome, Songb♪rd. Thanks for the feedback!

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Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher for Windows 1.10 • Windows 10 Home/Pro
Affinity Photo for iPad 1.10 • Designer for iPad 1.10 • iPadOS 15.5 (iPad Air 2)

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