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  1. Thanks MattP finally I feel at home on Win10 as I did (and again loved) on the Mac version of Designer. Big relief! Also thanks for sorting out: fonts searching + supporting copy / paste from Windows Character Map app (charmap.exe). BIG help (timewaste to search for special chars). It seems very stable and I do know of the rollback issue on docs 1.6 to 1.5 but I will take my chances on this version for now :-) ONLY big up now is to get a simpler "version updater" built in :-) It could be in both the Beta version and the Official release. Just a simple subMenu option under Help would do the trick (Check for updates > Do you want to update now?) Thanks again!!
  2. It seems I am getting close to the bug; as in: I have around 100 text snippets on the Canvas and without selecting them just by turning off "Check spelling while you type" it eased up some CPU / GPU. As in "less sirup". I am on version and I would really appreciate if Affinity included a software updater in the program itself (like Adobe and others have). Hope this is helpful; but I guess I am more into text snippets than perhaps others and therefor was lead to believe that the problem was related to gradients?
  3. Ps. difficult to share the work as it is a tad sensitive in matters of it being owned by a company. :-)
  4. Thanks for the tip guys! Seems it is "better" now when I put the undo levels down to 128 (from the default range). Lovely that the support is so good on this forum. Makes me feel I have done the step to Affinity from Adobe worth it :-) Thanks!! Will continue on the sketch and see if it solved it. I noticed yday that the RAM was set default to 16GBs but in Win on all apps only 5GBs was in use; so it should be plenty of room for the undo steps; which in themselves should not choke the app right? (Bug?) I also dont see an update button for the program; do I have to reinstall on each new version? Thanks!
  5. Hi! Did the move from Adobe apprx a year ago on my Macs and love it. However: Now I am on Windows on a brand new Corsair One NVIDIA GTX1080 machine with 16GBs Ram, SSD etc and doing some mockups in Designer just turns slower and slower the more layers I add. I have some layers with gradients and suspect that they bring the whole app down. Now it is so slow that grouping (CTRL+G) uses 3 seconds to do the task. On my older Macbook Pro 2015 it runs as smooth as butter. What can be wrong? I am not turning back to Macs for the time being.
  6. Ugh! Sorry guys solved it by using my eyes under File - New From Clipboard
  7. Hi, As a life long user of Adobe I have a plan to convert all my knowledge to Affinity but sometimes struggle with the new logics (way to do the same in Affinity).. In Adobe whatever I have "in my clipboard" on my Mac when opening a new Adobe Photoshop document match that clipboard image size. So If I for example capture a square 500x500 with apple+shift+control+4 into clipboard and open Photoshop and select "New doc" the suggested canvas = 500x500. How can I do the same in Affinity? As in quickly set the canvas to the clipboard image I paste into Af Photo.
  8. I just tried to go to Export persona and turn on "ignore fill / filter effect" on SVG and it now looks ok. Is this the way to go for best "WYSIWYG" vector export results?
  9. Hi! I have actually tried to stop using Adobe for good. Being an ex-tobacco lover I gave it a "cold turkey" cure by just uninstalling and quiting my Adobe subscriptions. Mostly it has been a great journey and also good for my creativity since obviously new tools forces you to think outside of usual paths of designing. However: I have some issues exporting my work as it gives mixed results: 1. PDFs usually struggle with gradients where the PDF keeps textual work as vector but converts my "gradient vectors as bitmap" (which is a no go if I make for example a logo) 2. SVGs are "better" but here I see that the curvature of for example a "water drop" (regular shape selected in Affinity Designer) are converted in a way that the "curves" are no longer "smooth" This leaves me to use EPS which seems to be useless in results.. Any tip for me on how to achieve a full vector export? Worst case I will have to just go for a large DPI for prints but I really would prefer to be able to get good vector exports in PDF. Illustrator and other tools did this fine (as I recall).. Thanks!
  10. Hi! I have Fontexplorer installed where I have a font with some graphical glyphs in it. The glyphs have a character code / glyph id and unicode. How can I insert these types of graphics into Affinity? I struggle to find a way to insert font chars based on a "code".. I would optimally as a long time Adobe user see a way to "show glyphs" of fonts and insert them "that way" (like in Illustrator). Thanks for any help!
  11. Hi! I have fallen in love with AF Designer. Wonderful to get some new energies as a graphical designer after 20+ Adobe / Quark years. Question: When I select an object it shows its selection with a blue line around the object (for scaling purposes etc). However when you right click and choose > Layer Effects this line blocks my view when I for example fine tune "shadows" and other effects. Now I have to adjust, click away from the object, see the difference and click back. Isn´t there a better way to do this? So you can "preview the changes live" and still "know that this object are selected" ? Question 2: Aligning of 2 objects relative to each other. I have a square and another rectangle. I want to adjust the rectangle relative to the square as a master. In Illustrator I can choose the "master" of two or to use the "canvas" as a master. I struggle to understand how this is working in AF Designer. I see sometimes I align to the canvas and sometimes to the "larger object". Any help on understanding this is highly valued. Keep up the great work!
  12. Hope this isn´t answered allready. Tried to read previous posts but they all talk about crop etc. What is the "way" to adjust the canvas size in A Designer? As I am used to with Illustrator "Edit Artboard" feature? Thanks!