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  1. I still would love to be able to snap guides to anchor points though. :-)
  2. Thanks for the reply MEB. I knew about the ability to perform math operations in the input fields, but somehow have forgotten about them in my workflow. I don’t need to use calculator anymore! Felling in love with AD more and more. :-)
  3. Really like your idea of PSD export avo! I would ditch Photoshop completely, if I wasn’t doing some PSD web mockup now and again.
  4. Awesome tip MEB! Wasn’t aware of this feature, it’s very neat. Thank you!
  5. I’ve asked this question before. Seems like we have to wait for a while. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/9208-psd-export-with-text-layers/
  6. Hello. I’ve noticed that when I create a rectangle (10 x 5 px for example) and want to resize it using the Transform panel (let’s say 10.25 x 5 px), Designer resizes the rectangle properly, but the Transform panel shows me that the width is 10.3 px. It’s okay, if I don’t really need to know the precise numbers, but often I do need to know them. I’d copy 10.25, put it in calculator, and divide it by 2 for example, when I design logos/icons/type. So, maybe introduce a feature that enables you to display a desired number of decimal numbers in the Transform panel? Would be awesome! Cheers.
  7. Hello. I deal quite a bit with logo design which means I need the artwork to be as precise as possible. Often I need objects to be perfectly aligned with other object’s anchor points. I’ve attached a screenshot as an example of what I’m usually trying to achieve. I want the yellow rectangle to snap to the upper left corner of the red thingy. In Illustrator I used to drag a guide, hover over the desired anchor point, and it would snap to it. I wish I could do the same in Designer or better be able to snap an object to other object’s anchor points without creating a guide (this might become an issue with an object that has lots of anchor points though). Thanks!
  8. Would love to see this feature and other advanced typographic features added to Publisher/Designer/Photo, since I deal with type a lot. Cheers!
  9. Any plans on implementing a Glyph panel? Some glyphs don’t have Unicode values. I can copy glyphs from Font Book, but it would be nice to be able to do it directly in Designer/Publisher/Photo.
  10. Thanks for the replies Leigh and Ben. Looking forward to this feature then.
  11. Hello! Been using AD for some time now, really liking it. Thanks for the great product! However, I’ve got an issue with text layers when exported to PSD—they get rasterized. I've tried exporting large documents as well as documents with just a single line of text—the results are the same. Any advice please?
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