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Affinity used for large format production


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Hi everyone, I want to share my very positive experience working with Affinity Designer and Photo. For the past 4 months I have been working on designing large booths, walls, signage and other printed materials for a huge congress with over 30 000 participants. We had tight production deadlines from our external suppliers plus I had to design all the proposals, manage communication and do several revision rounds and after that export print data. All went very well thanks to Affinity Designer and Photo. These programs handled big oversized artboards, gigabytes of TIFF images and export so smoothly I couldn't believe it.

The best thing I liked was having one document per one lounge with many many different artboards which gave me flexibility to make a huge wall and small flyer with the same design in one application.  Also the ability to export print ready PDFs and some JPGs in Export Persona was a huge time saver! Exporting 2400DPI PDFs was just smooth. Most of the work was done in Affinity, very very small percentage in Illustrator and 3D stuff in Blender. Here are photos and renders of some of the things which were produced. To me this was quite a successful journey. Thanks Affinity team for great products and keep going!


























Screenshot 2019-03-04 at 08.09.24.png

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1 minute ago, MEB said:

Hi robert.sarudy,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Thanks for sharing it with us. Impressive work! 
Glad to see examples of commercial work being produced with Affinity apps.

I think my WOW kinda understated. So please let me add my congratulations to you and team? Seeing skilful work like this done on such anew platform is really inspiring to others still at the coal face.

How long to get this together?

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2 hours ago, Sharkey said:

How long to get this together?

I started using Affinity about six months ago, but I have about 9 years of graphic background working professionally in Adobe programs. Since I was getting frustrated with CC suite I decided to switch. So it was only about getting used to new shortcuts and some other tools in Affinity. And regarding the above work, it took about 4 months of preparation and creation. I mean designing one complete lounge took about 1-2 days, the rest were revisions :D checking correct dimesions from excel sheets from producer, constant content changes and so on... 

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really am taken by the speed of your learning curve.

Honestly makes my old head feel leaden

MacPro (late 2013), 24Gb Ram, D300GPU, Eizo 24",1TB Samsung 850 Archive, 2x2Tb Time Machine,X-t2 plus 50-140mm & 18-55mm. AP, FRV & RawFile Converter (Silkypix).

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Bit late Robert:/

I'll stick with taking the odd good photograph and leave the search for greatness/perfection/income etc. to those who (still) want it.:)

Cannot  actually remember my last commission.

I would really like to pass on some of my oldie world knowledge/experience but I find so few with a positive response when I do. Must be my gracious communication skillsxD

MacPro (late 2013), 24Gb Ram, D300GPU, Eizo 24",1TB Samsung 850 Archive, 2x2Tb Time Machine,X-t2 plus 50-140mm & 18-55mm. AP, FRV & RawFile Converter (Silkypix).

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5 hours ago, Sharkey said:


What he said, iterated

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+1 for the WOW! I'll add EPIC!! too ;)

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