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Goes for all apps but mainly Designer.

Right now we have a split mode that's — to be polite — of limited use. Zoom, rotation… all of that does not happen. It's merely a checking method on how your pixels may eventually look and if you have stray vectors. That's it.

It'd be so much more useful to have a way of seeing a document at various zoom levels without having to use tabs or the freakazoid view mode. One side of the split would be the document at display scale while the other would be zoomed in to work on a detailed part more easily while always seeing it in context.

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Do views not already do this? You can make a new view window and use it as you would your regular view, zoom to whatever level etc, while working close up on your main view. 



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12 hours ago, Frank Jonen said:

Yes but you have to use that freakish exploded mode of the app. Not very helpful.

If you're referring to Separated Mode then I guess you're on Mac. New View works quite nicely with floated documents on Windows, but I don't think that Affinity allows floating of individual documents on Mac.

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On Windows you can detach the Navigator Panel, resize it, set it to the zoom you want and move it to your second screen ( if you have one)

Then zoom in to work on your main screen, (the Navigator Panel's zoom will not be affected)

Would this work on a Mac?


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