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  1. I agree being able to collapse all layers and groups would be a useful feature. However I think it would get annoying if layers were popping opened and closed as you are selecting things. I usually disable the "Show Selection in Layers Panel" option in the User Interface section under Preferences when I don't want to deal with many many layers and groups in the layer panel. If I then want to find a selected object I can just right click and "Find in Layers Panel"
  2. Even though I haven't personally encountered this problem, I am 100% in agreement this is a huge issue that should be fixed ASAP, since Affinity Photo is for Photos and printing is a very important part of Photography
  3. Patrick C

    "Go" Game Board with stones - No rasterization

    Thanks, I was trying to think of a way to get rid of the slight artifacting and that works perfectly!
  4. So this is a Go game board I created in Affinity Designer. I probably could have done more with the Live Layers in Affinity Photo but either way I was really impressed that I could keep everything editable and non-destructive, and still be able to create the wood texture. Feel free to use the file for whatever you please GoBoard_1.afdesign
  5. In my previous post I did this using a gradient mask on a Live Gaussian blur adjustment layer. You can take a look at the file I attached.
  6. Sorry this wasnt directed at you so much as an observation on an attitude/frustration that I’ve seen from many users.
  7. They have a trial version exactly for the purposes of trying out the tools and seeing if the workflow will be appropriate for whatever kind of work you are doing. Ive seen this trend of people (on this forum but also in life) gettig agitated and upset that things don’t fit exactly what they need, when they are often trying to do very specific things and want to do it in the quickest way possible with the least ammount of effort. While of course this would be ideal, you don’t get something for nothing. Serif is a reatively minuscule company compared to Adobe and they are clearly trying their best to deliver an affordable product that has demonstrated its conpetency in doing a large percentage of what PS and AI can do, in its own way. it is totally unrealistic to expect every single thing that is requested to be implemented in the way that suits your workflow, since everyone’s is different, and also because Serif is pretty damn small compared to Adobe (which has much less excuse for lack of features and usability of certain aspects of their software)
  8. You can have different brush nozzles on each brush in AP. Their brushes have as much customization as I would expect for a PS like program, and then do respond to pressure. They also have the mixing brush which I've been very happy with. You can make custom categories for the brushes you use most, and I'm very happy with the set of brushes that have already been included. As for your other points, I can agree that AP should have some option for creating a brush or texture out of an in-app selection instead of exporting, and maybe seeing brushes in a grid of thumbnails instead of a list as well as a "last used brush" like you said. So if all you want to do is paint, then Krita may be better but AP (and AD) are in many ways all-purpose tools for a variety of uses. I would never dream if putting together a photo collage or something in Krita. Also it is not nearly as easy or flexible to create and use Masks in Krita.
  9. You can change the shadow layer to be a Darken or Multiply type. (The drop down menu in the Layers panel, next to Opacity %) This will make it so that only the dark tone in the layer will affect the layers below it.
  10. I figured I'd weigh in. I used a few non destructive techniques and layering to create this in a few minutes. Of course you'd have to adjust for elements in the scene but I'm happy with the look of the shadow. Also if you make any modification to the pose, or swap out the person the effect still applies which is nice. File is attached if you want to take a look. Might help those who are tackling macros. CowboyShadow.afphoto
  11. I'm not sure why it wasn't working on your end. I recreated what you were attempting here. 2019-02-02 15-27-39.mp4
  12. I made a quick little video on how I think of masks which has helped me understand the kind of workflow I can use with objects and masks, and experimenting with layering. This may not be 100% technically correct, so refer to @v_kyr's post for most accurate details, but its a mix of fundamental features that I think make Affinity exceptional in many ways. Let me know if it helped at all Sequence 1.mp4
  13. So experimenting a bit yielded this. This is using relative transforms and the coordinates are clearly not "relative" Structure: - LVL1(Rect) SVG has x=63.11 y=6.023 and is correct - - LVL1_2(Grp) Seems groups don't get coordinates! Oh well - - - LVL 1(Rect) SVG has x=63.11 y=6.023 and should be x=0 y=0 - - - - LVL1_2(Grp) Seems groups don't get coordinates! Oh well - - - - - LVL 1(Rect) SVG has x=63.11 y=6.023 and should be x=0 y=0 - LVL2(Grp) Seems groups don't get coordinates! Oh well - - LVL2_1(Grp) Seems groups don't get coordinates! Oh well - - - LVL 2_3(Rect) Seems groups don't get coordinates! Oh well Even though all boxes are aligned, top-left corner, and nested, somehow all boxes have the same x y coordinates. The nested ones should definitely have x=0 y=0 coordinates if they should be relative to their parents. If I'm misunderstanding what the use of "use relative coordinates" is, please let me know :/ SVGTester.afdesign
  14. Apologies for not reading your last post more carefully. I see now where the issue is and why you needed to draw the crop marks in manually! I am surprised there is no option in borderless printing to set the document size percentage.
  15. As far as I can tell in your uploaded PDF there are no bleeds or crop marks included at all. I'm not sure what pages you are referring to when you say that some have proper bleeds and crop marks. If you are sure that your Bleeds are set up in Document Settings and that Include Bleed and Include Printer Marks are checked in your export settings, then there should be no reason why your PDF should not include these marks.