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Looking For Assets For Web Design


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Hi there,


I have just purchased Affinity Designer - looking to hopefully move from Illustrator (while I love it, I don't want to pay for the rest of my life life lol). So far, I'm quite happy! I opened an artboard I designed for a client's website wireframe in Illustrator, and was able to work on the document, edit, and add new things... so far so good!


One thing I will miss is Adobe Library... where I have imported all my client's logos, colours, design assets etc.. does Affinity offer a similar library type thing where I can "drag" assets into a library? Any tutorials on this (if available). Is this the Assets area?


My next request... I'm looking for any assets related to web design that I can download... GUI assets, wireframe samples, icons, anything related to designing a website... I saw one post, but that offer expired... Does anyone have anything? I did find an icon pack :) but it's hard to search all the posts lol ... even if they are not free, I'm still interested! Anything to make my life easier.


Thanks, and I'm glad to join this community!


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I believe the best shot is to just purchase/download form typical stock sites, caring on the formats being of the kind that Affinity supports. make the test with one or too, to not fall into an expense that later wont be usable. Themeforest  (  https://themeforest.net )  comes to mind for entire web templates, For specific icons, or icon sets, you might have a look at a high quality stock site like istockphoto ( https://www.istockphoto.com ) . I prefer to design all myself, but if in a rush, those sites have some good stuff.  Again, just look carefully the formats allowed for import in Affinity Photo and/or Designer, then purchase or download those. I'm the guy that at a company would actually make the icon sets for the UX or marketing expert, but still, in those sites the sets tend to be keeping a solid style each, if you browse a bit you will find suitable non expensive products, I guess.

AD, AP and APub. V1.10.6 and V2.4 Windows 10 and Windows 11. 
Ryzen 9 3900X, 32 GB RAM,  RTX 3060 12GB, Wacom Intuos XL, Wacom L. Eizo ColorEdge CS 2420 monitor. Windows 10 Pro.
(Laptop) HP Omen 16-b1010ns 12700H, 32GB DDR5, nVidia RTX 3060 6GB + Huion Kamvas 22 pen display, Windows 11 Pro.



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If you want some pictures, here is a list of Public Domain Pictures.

If you are searching for quality free fonts, here you have my personal list.

If you are searching for some icons, this post might be helpful. Also this one could be of interest.

Lastly, I don't remember where I got this Template (attached file). Originally, it was a PSD file but the interesting part is that it was made with Bootstrap 4 in mind. I'm not a Web Designer so what I did was just for entertaining purposes (fonts can be found in the list I pointed to before).

Best regards!

Web Site - Bootstrap 4.afdesign

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On 2/1/2019 at 3:59 AM, AffinityAssets said:

Going to create a collection for resources, free and paid for on our site soon. If you have any to submit send me a message, ill get it all ready and post it up.



Link does not work, yet, but this sounds like a good idea. Thanks

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