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  1. Oh, man... How could I miss such an obvious thing! Thank your very much for your patience and help!
  2. @Sean P Thanks for the reply, Sean! Glad to hear it's not a bug, but I can't get the idea of how it works anyway... Let's say, I have one artboard, then creating another one. I can align them vertically... But how should I get rid of that annoying extra-half side pixels with the help of Align toolbar? gridandartboards.mp4
  3. Hello! I've got a bug in the latest version of AD, which doesn't allow me to align artboards properly (like it was in previous versions). The grid, which should be displayed outside the artboards isn't showing up until I select any empty area outside the artboard. The gif file, attached to this message, shows how this happening. It really bothers, when I have to align multiple artboards (when creating banners for google ads for example) to prevent another messy thing - appearing of the extra-pixels or half-pixels in exported banners (screenshot attached). Need your help to get this problem solved!
  4. Ok, got it, MEB! Thanks a lot for your help and patience! I will keep an eye on that settings while working.
  5. Hi, MEB! Thank you for response! I was checking the coordinates both of an object and artboards. All settings are set by defaults (except showing lines and text in points - they are all in pixels) Snapping turned on aswell. ). I've been experimenting with drawing objects with the strokes aligned to different sides (like you said here earlier) and came to conclusion, that "inside" and "outside" alignment gives the most desirable result. "Center" makes edges blurry anyways. But as for the snapping - I'm still having some questions With Force pixel alignment and Move by whole pixels options turned on, I'm still getting decimal values in XY coordinates, but this happens randomly. Some rectangles have values like xx,5. While the other can have even xx,8 or alike. So, does snapping work fine for me or am I misunderstanding the way it is working?
  6. Nah, guys, it wont help! I've tried all variants of drawing and snapping, but in every view mode (even in vector mode with 100% document zoom) - I have blurry edges... I feel so much pain!!! Here's the example of how does the button with 1px stroke hurts my eyes in vector view mode at 100% scale. Ouch! The same button in PS CC 2015. Here's the same object, but in pixel view mode, with all possible and proper snapping, as you may see... Just compare the horizontal line - it is sharp and clean, while the vertical one stays blurred wherever I drag this little bch (by whole pixel, or half, with or without snapping). As a summary - I can't see sharp edges anywhere, except vector view mode with the document scaled up to more than 300%.
  7. Monumental collection! Thank you!
  8. Please, count my vote for mesh and blend tool aswell! These things were among a few other ones (like gradient across stroke), which are still restrain me from buying AD. Though I would like to have such a powerful software on my board!
  9. Thank you for the reply, Patrick! Will try what I was thinking about.
  10. Hello, guys! I had a luck to work both in AD and AP betas, so now I'm thinking about purchasing these products. But I have some questions about prices and their values for different countires. Should I choose exactly the country where I live now, or I can choose any other, that have more acceptable price for me? Thanks in advance!
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